CAPS & Career Support Fee Text

Thank you for your continued support in reaffirming the CAPS & CAREER SUPPORT FEE!

Career Services’ mission is to educate and empower all students and recent graduates to prepare for and pursue success. Our purpose is to inspire students to explore and gain knowledge of their occupational goals, to attain competencies and relevant experiences, to develop professional relationships, and to apply their education and unique attributes to address the needs and challenges of the world through their work. Your support specifically enables Career to:

  • Facilitate engagement opportunities with hiring employers with the goal of providing more jobs and internships for students.
  • Offer a grace-period upon graduation that enables all recent grads to access our services free of charge.
  • Develop new and innovative career education programs and services helping students explore and prepare for future career opportunities.
  • Provide professional development and career readiness support specifically for graduate students.

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