Alexa Dickinson

Career Peer


What's your favorite color of salsa?

I am a fourth year Communication major pursiung a TMP Certificate who likes long walks on the beach and meeting new dogs. I'm excited to be working with such a passionate staff and hope I can help you follow your career dreams. My favorite restaurant is Freebirds and if your answer to the above question isn't "green," then you're wrong.

Academic year working for Career Services?: 

This is my third year working for Career!

How did you choose your major? Minor?: 

I came to UCSB undeclared and took every class with a "1" after it that I thought sounded vaguely interesting.  I took one Communication class my spring quarter and just knew that it was the right fit. Since then I've done independent research programs and am now a research assistant in the Comm department. My favorite thing about my major is that I get to see things I learned about in lecture happen in my daily life!

Which student organizations are you currently involved with?: 

I am the President of Panhellenic, an Honors Program Mentor, a sorority member, a Research Assistant, volunteer frequently at Adopt-a-Block, and show up to any club meeting that advertises free food.

What is your current career goal?: 

Right now, my goal is to get into strategic marketing at a tech company. Eventually, I'd love to start my own business!

What one resource would you recommend to students coming to Career Services?: 

I would definitely recommend the handouts! A lot of times, people just need a push in the right direction and I feel like the handouts are a great way to get started. We have everything from how to make your first resume to finding internships abroad to getting set up to go to graduate school. Come in and check it out!

What career advice would you give to UCSB students that you wish you knew about earlier on?: 

You can't passively do anything when it comes to finding a job or career. Jobs don't show up unannounced, you really have to work to find one. I'd recommend always having a base-line resume prepared and a sample of a cover letter that works for you so that when you do find something interesting, you don't have to start from scratch (but don't use the same resume and cover letter for every job, bad idea).