Lianyi Jiang

Career Peer

Favorite drink: 

Coconut water. (Even better if it is a fresh coconut)

How did you choose your major? Minor?: 

I was undecided when I first came to UCSB. I took a bunch of classes in different areas, and find myslf interested in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics. When I took more advanced series of these classes, I found it to be even more fascinating. So I decided to double in Financial Mathematics and Economics. 

Which student organizations are you currently involved with?: 

Last year I was a member of International Student Association (ISA). 

What is your current career goal?: 

Currently, I'm aiming at going to Grad School to gain more knowledge about the field I'm interest in. 

What career advice would you give to UCSB students that you wish you knew about earlier on?: 

Find your plan after graduation as soon as possible. If you know your plan, you could start preparing earlier. Get that experience, get that research, and maintain that GPA!