Neela Koduri

Neela Koduri
Career Peer Advisor


Academic year working for Career Services?: 

This is my first year working for Career but my third and final year at UCSB!

How did you choose your major? Minor?: 

I'm a Psychological and Brain Sciences major pursuing minors in Educational Studies and Applied Psychology! The combination sprung from the fact that I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do after graduation (like everyone else, probably). When I came in as a freshman, I could see myself being an AP Biology teacher, a guidance counselor, or a school psychologist. I could even see myself indulging my power-heeled fantasies as a principal. Though these careers are all in a similar field, they each require different kinds of education and post-graduate credentials, so I tried to use my time at UCSB to prepare me for any one of those programs when it came time for me to choose.

Describe the different types of internship or job experiences that you have been involved with?: 

Aside from my wonderful job as a Career Peer, I've been working at San Marcos High School as a GUIDES mentor throughout my time at UCSB. This coming year, I'll join Teach For America's recruitment team as a Campaign Coordinator.

Which student organizations are you currently involved with?: 

I'm involved with AS SIRRC, which focuses on retention and recruitment of first-generation college students here at UCSB. I've been more involved with the recruitment side, especially with getting current high school students ready to apply to college.

What one resource would you recommend to students coming to Career Services?: 

Talk to a peer! But if you're shy like me, I would recommend picking up a Career Manual and skimming through it at home. It has a ton of resources to help you get started, especially if you're in the early stages of building your resume and elevator pitch. When you feel like you've got a good draft, bring it by for drop-in!

What career advice would you give to UCSB students that you wish you knew about earlier on?: 

I wish I asked for help earlier on; there's an overwhelming amount of information out there. Coming in to Career Services helped me organize the results of my Google deep dives, and gave me the resources I needed to avoid the mistakes of people before me.