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A message from graduating senior-Alexa Dickinson

In the fall of 2013, I came to UCSB undeclared and without any ideas about what major and career I would pursue. As all current and former college students know, people start asking you questions about what you’re going to do with your life about a month before you graduate high school and don’t stop […]

Congratulations to the 2017 Internship Scholarship Program Award Recipients!

Career Services and the Internship Scholarship Selection Committee are thrilled to announce the six recipients of the 2017 Internship Scholarship Program and to celebrate the career ambition and accomplishments of these undergraduates as they surpass barriers towards professional success. The 2017 award recipients for both the Career Catalyst and Dream Awards have landed impressive summer internship […]

College Graduation is a Time to Start Fresh

Be respectful to everyone. Don’t be condescending to those without college degrees. Anyone at an organization longer than you, has more experience. Learn from them. Do everything to be helpful. Not in your job description? Do it anyway. If you don’t, there are plenty of candidates for your entry-level job who will. (Exception: don’t get … … Continue reading →

Can You Change Your Mind About a Job After You’ve Accepted?

Kayla Villwock is the Intern Program Manager for SAS. After interviews with several top companies, you accept a job offer from Corporation A to begin a week after graduation. Then, XYZ Startup, a company that just began recruiting new college grads, interviews you and offers you a job to begin a week after graduation. You […]

What Is a “Good Fit” and Do You Have It?

How do you know if you’re a good fit for a company or if a company is a good fit for you? Here are a couple of things to consider: Culture: Think back to all the encounters you have had with a potential employer. Think about the e-mail correspondence. Think about how you felt at […]

Making College Pay: A special blog for parents

How can your son or daughter get the best return on your investment in their college education—a good job and launch into their first career? Good grades and the right major are important blocks in the foundation of finding a job after graduation. There are, however, other steps students can take to increase their value […]

Recruiter’s Perspective: Yardi Systems

Why do you enjoy recruiting Gauchos? I am a little partial to recruiting Gauchos because I am an Alumni of UCSB myself! I also find that the students graduating from UCSB are very conscientious and are well prepared for their careers after graduation. UCSB also offers majors that are well aligned to the positions we […]

Climb to Your Career in Four Years

Where will you be in four years? Will you be ready to join the work force? Maybe you have your future planned: You know what you want to be after graduation and you have an idea of how to get there. Or, maybe you aren’t even sure what you want to major in—never mind know […]

Third-Party Recruiters and Ph.D. Candidates

Ph.D.s and postdocs who are job seeking outside of academe need all the help they can get, and it is nice to imagine a recruiter (or headhunter) working diligently to find that perfect job for you while you focus on other things — like research, writing, fieldwork and teaching. However, the reality is that effort […]

Tech Tools for PhDs in the Job Search

by Joseph Barber, associate director of career services at the University of Pennsylvania, for Inside Higher Ed Reviews of websites and databases that can help the Ph.D. or postdoc doing a job search: LinkedIn, Indeed.com, GoinGlobal, MyIDP, and Versatile Ph.D. https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2014/12/15/essay-technology-tools-help-phds-and-postdocs-job-hunts