Senior Tuesdays

Senior Tuesday

These are a series of workshops designed to give those close to graduation the information and skill sets necessary for a successful job search and management of the time after graduation. Come to one or all, the workshops are meant to build on each other as well as stand independently. While open to all, the material is targeted to seniors.

Senior Tuesdays: Winning Job Search Strategies

Tue, April 21, 4pm – 5pm
Room 1109 @ Career Services

Pursuing quality positions, whether full time or internships, is a competitive process.  This program will present ideas, resources, and techniques important to conducting a successful job search.  For instance, researching and targeting employers, professional networking, and implementing a thorough online and in person search.

Senior Tuesdays: Creating a Great Résumé & Cover Letter

Tue, April 28, 12pm – 1pm
Room 1109 @ Career Services

The résumé and cover letter are often the key to getting an interview, your first “assignment” for the employer. We’ll walk you through the process of effectively writing these documents, including style, format, and targeting. See our Resumes and Cover Letters page for more information.

Senior Tuesdays: How to Manage Your Money After Graduation

Tue, April 28, 4pm – 5pm
Room 1109 @ Career Services

In this workshop you will learn from a financial advisor how to understand the benefit package when you accept your first job, how to make smart financial goals, how to plan for future financial success, and how to start paying off those dreaded student loans.

Senior Tuesdays: Navigating the Interview & Hiring Process

Tue, May 5, 4pm – 5pm
Room 1109 @ Career Services

You got the interview! Now’s the time to sell yourself. Career Services will steer you along the process of preparation, what to expect in meeting your prospective employer, and how to show off your best qualifications. You got the job! We will lay the course for the hiring process, including salary negotiation and professional protocol, ensuring that you make all the right moves. See our Interviewing page for more information.

Senior Tuesdays: Use LinkedIn to Jumpstart Your Career

Tue, May 12, 4pm – 5pm
Career Resource Room (CRR) @ Career Services

This workshop is a must to not only get up to speed on the hottest resource in networking and career development, but also prepare for connecting with employers at the Career Fairs! LinkedIn is like your professional version of Facebook but better, organizing your network of trusted contacts and allowing you to search for jobs, giving you an advantage in the job hunt! Learn how to create a profile, network with alumni and employers, take advantage of professional groups, research companies and career paths, and much more. Get a head start on the workshop by reviewing our LinkedIn page for more information.

Senior Tuesdays: How Not to Get Fired

Tue, May 19, 12pm – 1pm
Room 1109 @ Career Services

Are you about to graduate and nervous about jumping out into the “real world”? Not sure how to search for jobs locally or in other areas? Join us and learn some proven tips for finding jobs and getting them- from search strategies to resume and interview tips. But it doesn’t stop there! Learn what it takes to be successful once you get that job. Professionalism, work ethic, and communication skills are some of the top skills for job success that you need to know about!