Helping You Recruit UCSB Interns

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Why Recruit A UCSB Intern?

  • UCSB students are motivated, driven, and highly qualified to become trainees at your organization and collaborate with your professional staff.
  • An internship program can be a cost-effective method for identifying potential candidates for future, full-time hires and interns become goodwill ambassadors for your future intern pipeline.
  • UCSB students will contribute a fresh perspective to help with key projects at your organization while they learn essential industry knowledge.
  • Offering internship opportunities to UCSB students will increase your visibility on campus and the community while supporting your organization’s goals.

UCSB Career Services Support for Internship Providers

Our Employer Services Team can help you design an effective recruitment plan and we offer a variety of on-campus and virtual recruitment tools for you to participate with based on your needs.

Career Services will:

  • Provide free access to Handshake, our premier job posting board. You can specify the applicant criteria to target a specific population, and your recruiters can manage applications and interviews.
  • Offer opportunities for your organization to participate in quarterly Career Fairs, host information sessions, take part in on-campus interviews, or get involved as a Career Partner. We also offer supplementary quarterly on-campus events.
  • Support your team to create an internship program from scratch, develop internship descriptions, and enhance existing internship recruitment strategies.
  • Provide additional ways to find talent! Explore our Building Your Brand at UCSB section of our website

Internship Toolkit

Career Services offers the Internship Toolkit, a resource designed to help internship providers and student interns strengthen internship opportunities by recording and formalizing components of the pre-professional experience. The Internship Toolkit can be used to:

  • Plan internship details and establish mutual learning objectives for an internship experience
  • Record employer expectations and student intern's participation with the Learning Objectives template
  • Identify the skills, interests, and professional goals of new student interns during the onboarding and training process
  • Facilitate regular communication, encourage training opportunities, and streamline ongoing feedback using the template forms

The Internship Toolkit is available by emailing

Contact the Employer Services team so we can help support your recruiting needs. Our Internship Development Coordinator can help you get an internship program started and support your existing opportunities. Email