UCSB Experiential Education Group

UCSB Experiential Education Group

Vision: To develop and promote experiential education across UCSB in order to increase awareness and accessibility for all students to take part in experiential opportunities as well as educate staff and faculty on related policy issues.

Mission: The Experiential Education Group (EEG) is comprised of and open to UCSB staff and faculty dedicated to promoting experiential education programs that engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop students' capacity to contribute to their communities. Additionally, EEG aims to help inform staff of UC, state and national regulations pertaining to experiential education in order to help departments be aware of compliance in relation to these opportunities.


  1. Up-to-date awareness of the issues surrounding experiential education
    • Internal UCSB updates on different departments and programs
    • Knowledge of current legal issues and court cases
    • National updates pertaining to experiential education
  2. Best practice sharing
    • Information on the latest tools and technology
    • Referrals and collaborations with other departments/offices both on and off campus
    • Sharing of potential funding opportunities for programs 
  3. Advocacy and outreach
    • Connecting with other constituents across campus to promote experiential education, such as researching and implementing ways to increase student accessibility to experiential opportunities
    • Promote diversity and inclusion in our efforts and in experiential education campus-wide

For more information, contact Amanda Asquith, UCSB Career Services' Internship & Experience Manager at aasquith@ucsb.edu or Eric Zimmerman, Department of Environmental Studies' Student Affairs Officer and Internship Director at zimmerman.es.ucsb.edu.