Where Do You Want To Do Your Internship?

Do you want to stay in Santa Barbara or will you also consider opportunities in Sacramento, San Diego, Washington D.C., New York, Europe or Japan? It may be possible to do several internships in the local area with proper planning. Many students who start locally and build their portfolio of skills and experiences are then able to market themselves for paid summer internships outside the Santa Barbara area.

What Type of Experience Are You Seeking?

In other words, what career areas do you want to know more about? Are you thinking about the fields of advertising, accounting, or personnel administration? You may need to use the Career Resource Room at Career Services to research several areas before you determine your preference. What skills do you enjoy using and which do you want to develop further (i.e., writing, public speaking, computer programming)? Finally, is there a particular type of organization that interests you (i.e., banking, retail, health care)?


InternBound lists internships mainly in Northern and Southern California, and also in the Pacific Northwest. More than 90% of the internships on InternBound are paid. Any unpaid internships are quality positions in the corporate, government or nonprofit world. Internship programs are year round and seasonal. Internships programs are for undergrads and grad students. Search by category, keyword and/or company.


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