How do I accept, or reject a job offer?

The critical thing is to confirm in writing either way you go. This can be done by mail or email. It is important to ask for time to evaluate and discuss your offer with those you trust before automatically accepting. Once you accept, it is unethical to decline if a better offer comes along unless there are compelling reasons. The employer is also expected to live up to it’s written offer that was made.

What types of jobs can I expect as a Liberal Arts graduate?

One of the many wonderful things about a liberal arts degree is that there are only a few careers that are NOT available. Engineering is probably out of the question. But nearly everything else is possible. If a UCSB philosophy undergraduate has been, in addition to his or her studies, developing computer and business skills, they can land a career position in real estate, banking, and even computer programming. Employers are very interested in what our students have been doing outside of class.

What are the advantages between a large versus small company?

In general, a larger firm will offer a more structured training program with a more specific assignment. A smaller firm often allows for you to wear several hats very quickly, but may expect you to learn as you go. Some of us prefer the more structured, formal, hierarchical work place of the larger organization versus those that like the informality and flexibility of a smaller one.

How long does it take to find a job?

The average job search ranges between three to six months. Many experts consider looking for a job a full-time job in and of itself. For this reason, many students choose to focus their job search efforts after graduation while finishing summer school and choose continue in their part-time position or simply take a “survival job” through a temp agency until they are clearer on what they want.

When should I start looking for a job?

For students seeking employment with large companies and government agencies that recruit on-campus, fall quarter is the best time to begin your search by participating in the Campus Interview Program. Keep in mind less than 25% of our students get jobs through this program. Many smaller firms or high demand industries will advertise through the Internet or through their professional networks closer to when they need to fill the position. For this reason, spring quarter is the time to start seriously looking at options and applying.


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