How does my college major affect my career options?

For most UCSB majors, the answer is “not much”. That’s because UCSB is a research institution, and therefore teaches critical thinking and research skills, but doesn’t really provide job training. The exceptions to this are the Engineering majors and the Economics and Accounting major which prepare students to become (big surprise) engineers and accountants. For everyone else, most UCSB majors can be related to most jobs.

How do I choose a college major?

Choose something you’re good at and that you’re interested in. Through this website you can get onto the departmental website for the major you want to learn more about. If you want to get some ideas about what occupations are related to the major check our Careers by Major page Students are always welcome to come in to talk with a Career Counselor, either for a quick 10-minute drop-in session at the Career Resource Room, or for a longer 30-minute appointment with a career counselor.


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