Graduate Student Internship Fellowship

Congratulations to our first ever fellowship award recipients, Sarah Lerner and Melissa Barthelemy! Click on the banner above to meet the fellows and learn more about their summer opportunities. 

Applications for the next round of awards will open on January 2018 and recipients will be selected in the month of May. Use the links below to learn more about the fellowship, eligibility requirements and other frequently asked questions.

In an effort to help more students submit strong applications, we will be offering a fellowhsip workshop to discuss the application process and provide tips on how to be a strong candidate. Please stay tuned for future workshop dates and fellowship updates.

For any questions, please email:

*** Application Opens January 2018 ***


About the Fellowship

Internships can unlock countless opportunities for graduate students to develop transferable skills that cannot be gained through their graduate studies but are nonetheless crucial to their career success.

The purpose of the Graduate Student Internship Fellowship is to assist graduate students with attaining experience related to career goals and professional development. The Fellowship program creates a scholarship fund that supports graduate students to explore career opportunities and gain valuable work experience while in graduate school. Funds will be awarded to students who demonstrate how their Summer or Fall 2018 work experience will be impactful for their career trajectory and demonstrate financial need.

The Graduate Student Internship Fellowship is made possible for this year through generous funding from UCSB’s Graduate Dean.

Award Distribution

There are two $2,500 fellowships that will be awarded based off the following criteria:

  • Potential for substantive learning experience and valuable career experience/career growth
  • Financial need and impact of fellowship to ease need
  • Completion of application, submission of a résumé or CV, and met eligibility criteria

Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to all graduate students who are enrolled through the quarter after their internship. Graduating students in Summer 2018 are not eligible.
  • Graduate students need to have secured or will have secured a work opportunity or internship by May 31, 2018.  You do not need to have the word “intern” as part of your title.
  • Demonstrate financial need and impact of fellowship award. This fellowship was established to help make it feasible for students to complete non-paid or low paying opportunities. This is not open to students who are receiving a salary or hourly wage.
  • Ability to explain how job opportunity/internship will benefit career interests and future professional opportunities
  • The work experience is meant to be an opportunity for students to learn skills in non-academic setting. Priority will be given to students who have a work opportunity that lasts over 4 weeks or 160 hours minimum. This is not open to students attending a training course.

Important Dates

  • Januray, 2018 - Application opens


Can I apply if I am receiving some money for this job opportunity/internship from another funding source (e.g., another fellowship, funding from my department)?

Priority will be given to students who demonstrate financial need. Students who are seeking non-paid or low paid opportunities will be given priority. In your statement, we urge you to share how this support will help you. If you have received other financial support that does not automatically disqualify you. However, this is not open to students who are receiving a salary or hourly wage.

Can I apply if I am doing a volunteer opportunity?

The aim of this fellowship is to support students in experiences related to career goals and professional development. If the volunteer opportunity is career-focused then you can apply. If the volunteer experience is something you do to enhance your general well-being or because of an interest, then this fellowship opportunity isn’t for you.

What types of students are eligible?

  • International students- yes
  • P3 status- no
  • Post docs- no
  • Graduate students who are seeking an internship in Summer or Fall 2018, as long as they are enrolled the quarter after the internship is done. Graduating students who are seeking an internship after they have graduated are not eligible.