Graduate Students

Career Services is a key resource and trusted ally to UCSB graduate students. As career development is our area of expertise, we work closely with PhD and masters students in successfully navigating and achieving their career aspirations.

We assist graduate students in three main areas that we’ve found to be pivotal to short and long-term success in the transition from school to career...

Honing Career Focus and Goals

Clarifying and solidifying areas of interest, pertinent skills and strengths, and work values. This is not only invaluable to students personally, but also an important factor to employers in evaluating candidates and making hiring decisions.

Acting Strategically

With the inherent challenges and demands of graduate school, students can sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture in regards to career. Especially for students considering work outside of academia, it is important to develop an effective plan of action to pursue career goals, including gaining relevant experience, creating an effective CV/Resume, building interview skills, and learning how to market their degree.

Relationships and Networking

Also significant to career development, especially in the highly competitive job market, is building a network of professional connections and developing communication skills. As much as possible, graduate students should access professionals inside and outside of academia to directly garner knowledge and seek guidance and assistance in pursuing their given areas.

We also understand the unique challenges that graduate students often face in regards to utilizing career services, including limited time, inconvenience, and potential conflict of interest with advisor/department.

In support of these key areas and needs...

Career Services

Graduate Division

Vital, also, to ensuring student success is our close association with the Graduate Division. Their knowledge, resources, and programming in regards to all things academia (and beyond), professional development, and ongoing needs of graduate students at UCSB, combines with our expertise in the field of career development to result in a dynamic collaboration. Visit their website as well to access great information, and look for collaborative events throughout the year.


Advice from the recent Academic Job Search Panel consisting of Deans Michael Furlong (Gevirtz Graduate School of Education), John Majewski (Humanities and Fine Arts) and Melvin Oliver (Social Sciences)

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