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Arts and Media Gaucho Path Way encompasses: Art, Media, Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising.

One of the most important steps in your career development is gaining experience, such as internships. These opportunities help you connect your academic preparation to the world of work as you explore career fit and strengthen your resume to become competitive for either occupations or graduate school. Some occupations may also have common paths to gain experience and enter the field. For instance, certain industries and organizations may provide more opportunities to gain experience through volunteering rather than starting with a formal internship. It’s important to explore those paths and qualifications of the field to help inform your own goals in gaining experience.

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Strategies to Get Experience

California is a rich environment for the arts- from some of the world’s best museums to a bustling entertainment industry. In order to build the tools and skills needed to launch their creative career aspirations and to defy the less than stellar occupational outlook, it is important for students to explore internships and various paths that others in the arts have accomplished to get to where they are.

The recruitment timeline and process varies by organization, but here are some general tips for the industry to keep in mind:

  • For local art-related firms, seek out internships 1-2 quarters before you are interested in starting.
  • For Los Angeles or San Francisco-based museums and organizations within the arts and entertainment industry, start checking out application deadlines at the end of Summer and into early Fall so that you don’t miss an opportunity.
  • Join a student organization or two that match what area of the arts you are interested in, such as the Art Club, Filmmaker’s Co-Operative, The Film Studio, or Word Magazine.
  • Get connected with UCSB’s own Art, Design, & Architecture Museum, which offers a dozen different internships.
  • Check out many of the local opportunities in the Goleta/Santa Barbara area, such as museums, film festivals, and other art-related events and organizations.
  • National Summer Internships in the Arts are highly sought after and their deadlines are late in the Fall or early Winter quarter.  If you are interested in applying for one or several of these please plan early and make an appointment with a career counselor to assist you with your application.

Sites with Listings and On-Campus Recruitment Events

Sites With Listings


On-Campus—Internships & Opportunities


  • UCSB Arts and Lectures - UCSB Arts and Lectures hires both paid positions and volunteers to help with development, marketing, programming, public relations, and more!
  • UCSB Athletics Internships - UCSB Athletics hires student interns for marketing, communication, video production, development, athletic training, and Soccer/Baseball management.
  • The Bottom Line - The Bottom Line is an on-campus newspaper that hires student writers throughout the year.
  • Daily Nexus - The Daily Nexus is always looking for new writers, graphic designers, and photograpers to join their cutting-edge news team.
  • Carsey-Wolf Center Internship Program - The Carsey Wolf Media Internship offers UCSB students a chance to get hands-on experience in PR and media and introduces students to local media organizations.
  • Film Studies Department - The Film Studies Department has a wide selection of extracirricular activities that UCSB students can get involved in.
  • Education Abroad Program - Integrate study abroad into your college academic plan and explore the many internship and volunteer opportunities available to EAP students abroad.
  • Greek Life—Office of Student Life (OSL) - Joining a fraternity or sorority at UCSB is a great way to open doors to countless opportunities and activities.
  • KCSB Radio - KCSB operates through the efforts of volunteers, from both the student body at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and residents up and down the South Coast.
  • Leadership Development—Office of Student Life (OSL) - We are committed to teaching leaders how to organize efficient and effective action toward a goal. We assist leaders to identify their short- and long-term leadership objectives with the philosophy that a leader will also be most effective when she/he is cognizant of and committed to her/his unique set of values and interests.
  • Leadership Certificate Program - The Leadership Certification Program develops awareness, understanding and application of various leadership theories and practices in environments that support leaders with a wide variety of individual interests.
  • The Leadership Challenge - Whether you want to step into the corporate realm with an edge or you want to plan the ultimate weekend music festival, this world-renowned workshop is for YOU! Through participation in the series, you will learn The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership—five easy to remember, over-arching leadership practices that will yield results every time. This is a seminar series that will take place weekly through week nine.
  • On-Campus Jobs handout - This handout gives you an overview of locations on-campus that hire throughout the year.
  • Pollock Theater Internship - The Pollock Theater internship provides students with industry-level experiences in live television and event planning.
  • Student Organizations—Office of Student Life (OSL) - Explore organizations related to professional interests as well as the extracurricular activities you enjoy doing in your spare time.
  • UCDC & UCCS —The University of California Washington Program provides UCSB students with a unique opportunity to live, work as interns, and study in our nation’s capital.  The University of California Center in Sacramento provides students with a learning opportunity to live, intern, and study in our state's capital.
  • Undergraduate Research —Look into research programs on campus and also speak with faculty who specialize in areas you are interested in to inquire about possible opportunities.
  • Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP) —FRAP allows students to identify UCSB faculty looking for undergraduate students to participate in their research projects or creative activities.
  • The Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) Grants — URCA provides funding for undergraduates to conduct independent research projects or creative activities.


  • Arts for Humanity - This organization encourages low-income sudents, the disabled, and the elderly through arts programs. Interns help with a range of tasks, including marketing, PR, visual art instruction, film production, and event planning.
  • Art Without Limits -This is a program that matches students or emerging artists with established mentors in the Santa Barbara area. Volunteers do a variety of tasks such as: event planning, social media, public relations, graphic design, etc.
  • Carpinteria Arts Center - Volunteers can help with a variety of tasks, such as marketing, event planning, graphic design, and fundraising.
  • Casa Dolores - Casa Dolores is has a large collection of art from Mexico and is looking for interns in graphic design, exhibition management, architecural history, and education. 
  • Davies Public Affairs - Davies ofers PR internships to third and fourth year students.
  • Deckers Outdoor Corporation - We don’t just make shoes or gear. We make lifestyles. We create curiosity. Foster creativity. Power exploration. You could say the people who work here are a lot like our customers. A group always willing to take on new challenges. Rally around a cause. Show some responsibility. And have fun while doing it.
  • Direct Relief International - Direct Relief relies upon the talents and contributions of volunteers to assist with many activities, including clerical and administrative support, program research, editorial tasks, public outreach, warehouse inventorying, and event hospitality.
  • Epic Ad Group - Our innovative (and yes sometimes heroic) marketing strategies and our strengths in branding and public relations have established us as one of the most prominent agencies on the Central Coast.
  • Her Campus - Her Campus is an online newspaper for college women and is hiring writers year-round.
  • KEYT Newsroom Internship - This internship program gives students a look at what it takes to get a news story on the air.
  • 92.9 KJEE Radio Station
  • Noozhawk - Noozhawk is looking for interns in sales, marketing, photography, and web development.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara -This museum has a variety of internship options, such as graphic design, marketing and social media, development, and exhibitions. They also offer less formal volunteer opportunities for people who can't make the full time commitment or have a more specialized interest. 
  • Pacific Coast Business Times
  • Pacific Conservatory Theater Internship
  • Revive Public Relations
  • Santa Barbara Art Association
  • Santa Barbara Historical Museum
  • The Santa Barbara Independent - This newspaper offers internships in: news reporting, arts, graphic design, and photography.
  • Santa Barbara Magazine
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art
  • Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation Museum Internship Program - Interns have the opportunity to work in archeology, curation, museum education, or public relations. 
  • SFA Design
  • South Coast Railroad Museum - This internship program gives students the opportunity to work with people, learn about Santa Barbara's rich history, and create new projects all while learning academic credit in the Anthropology department. 
  • Sullivan Goss- An American Gallery
  • Surf Media Communications
  • TV Santa Barbara - At TV Santa Barbara, student interns see all phases of the broadcasting process, and are involved in producint, directing, reporting, editing, campera operation, and even have the opportunity to be on the air.

State, National, International—Internship Programs & Opportunities

Find Leads & Create an Opportunity

If you wish to propose an internship to a company that does not have an advertised position or a formal program, consider drafting a proposal to pitch to a company. Not all organizations post an internship announcement on a job board. Be proactive and identify organizations you are interested in connecting with and going directly to their company website to seek opportunities. Use resources like the book of lists in the Career Resource Room, which allows you to easily review companies by geographic region, and LinkedIn as tools to identify company leads, see where alumni interned, and connect with hiring managers.

Can't find an advertised opportunity? Create and pitch a position or project! Reach out directly to organizations by sending an email or calling to introduce yourself. First, research the company and review similar internship/job descriptions to familiarize yourself with the necessary qualifications, projects and responsibilities of a position in the industry. Then, draft an internship pitch or proposal that outlines your goals, the types of projects you are seeking, how your professional interests and current strengths relate to the organization, and the logistics a company would need to know to evaluate their ability to host an intern (i.e. number of hours, length of project or experience, etc.). Use the Internship Toolkit to easily organize this information in preparation for a proposal.