Business, Finance, and Entrepreneurship

One of the most important steps in your career development is gaining experience, such as internships. These opportunities help you connect your academic preparation to the world of work as you explore career fit and strengthen your resume to become competitive for either occupations or graduate school. Some occupations may also have common paths to gain experience and enter the field. For instance, certain industries and organizations may provide more opportunities to gain experience through volunteering rather than starting with a formal internship. It’s important to explore those paths and qualifications of the field to help inform your own goals in gaining experience.

Not sure where to start? Consider these steps:

  1. Clarify your interests, assess yourself, and explore how your interests related to careers and industry areas
  2. Research occupations, qualifications and potential paths towards that career field to best align your experience now with your preparation for a future job 
  3. Assess your current level of experience and where you should start—For instance, many competitive internships look for previous part-time work or leadership experience which may necessitate pursuing part-time jobs and volunteer experience to begin your path
  4. Explore opportunities and resources below and prepare for the application and interview process

Strategies to Gain Experience in Business, Finance, and Entrepreneurship

The career opportunities related to these areas are broad and diverse. For students and young professionals, it’s important to seek related experience that you can continue to build upon. Opportunities related to business development, finance, and entrepreneurship exist within for-profit businesses and nonprofit settings in various roles. Some may seek opportunities within client relations and fundraising, customer service and support, sales and outreach, marketing and social media ambassadors, and many other areas. These areas afford a broad overview of business while allowing for specialization over time.

Be open minded as you review openings on GauchoLink and other job boards to consider positions that provide experience in the different branches of business, in both people-facing and finance-facing roles, and consider developing related research skills.


  • Get involved with campus organizations that relate to your interests and become an active member in a finance-related student organizations and business fraternities
  • Consider internships and leadership roles that focus on finance, operations or administration as those roles are closely related to the field.
  • Think broadly when you search for positions as employers may recruit for interns related to business using skill-based terms such as assistant, coordinator, or analyst.


  • Get involved with campus organizations related to your interests, such as Communication Association and Marketing Association, and consider other organizations and pursue a leadership role that lets you practice your publicity, marketing, and outreach interests to prepare for your career.
  • Consider internships and leadership roles that focus on marketing, student outreach/recruitment, event planning, social media, fundraising/development, finance, operations or administration as those roles are closely related to the field.
  • Think broadly when you search for positions as employers may recruit for interns related to marketing and Public Relations using skill-based terms such as writing, social media, brand ambassador, or outreach.

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Find & Develop Your Own Internship

If you wish to propose an internship to a company that does not have an advertised position or a formal program, consider using Career's Internship Toolkit to help plan your proposal and agreement. The Toolkit offers tips and guidelines to help plan internship experiences, set expectations with supervisors, and reflect on the experience. The Internship Toolkit is available to download in the Document Library which can be accessed from your Resources tab when logged into GauchoLink