Molly Steen

Career Counselor; Coordinator, Practicum Training



(805) 893-4412

What are some of your favorite career-related resources to share with students?: 

Our Career Resource Room is absolutely wonderful, and the peers who essentially run the place are so knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise with anyone who wants help!  I'm particularly fond of a book series "Career Opportunities in..." - you name it: Science, or Law Enforcement, Security, and Protective Services, or Travel. If you have an interest and want to know how to put it to work, these books are for you.

Our website is chock-full of valuable resources too.   Undergrads should consider connecting their major to careers through our Careers by Major pages.  Grad students should definitely look at the pages for the Academic Job Search and for Non-Academic Job Search to get ideas, tips, and find openings.  And our Online Career Library provides anyone with what our career counselors have deemed to be the best websites to describe certain occupations. 

Last but not least, our career fairs are not to be missed.  We offer at least one per quarter during Fall, Winter, and Spring, and these fairs provide you with what may be the easiest access you will ever have to employers who are looking to hire!

What piece of advice do you have for undergraduates? Graduates?: 

Here's a piece of advice that I offer across the board to everyone:  Come see us!  Even if you are not sure what you might gain from coming in, come see us!  Whether you are in your first quarter on campus, your last, or somewhere in between, you are likely to walk away from a visit to Career Services with a bit of information or a resource that you didn't know about.

What are your specialty areas?: 

I get to work with undergraduate students in the Humanities, Sociology, and Psychology. Furthermore, I help undergraduates navigate the process of applying to teacher education programs. Another fun part of my job is to coordinate the training of practicum students: students enrolled in graduate-level counseling programs who want to get hands-on experience in career counseling. Finally, I enjoy working with graduate students from all disciplines.