Career Practicum Job Description

Career Practicum

A Fieldwork Opportunity for Graduate Students in Counseling

The UCSB Career Services Practicum provides graduate students with training and hands-on experience necessary for becoming a career counselor. Through a weekly training seminar, individual supervision, and exposure to all aspects of direct service in a university career center, practicum students learn the basics of career counseling. 

The practicum is offered for a two-quarter commitment every Fall and Winter Quarter, with an option for practicum students to continue through the Spring Quarter as well. All practicum students are required to be currently enrolled in a graduate-level counseling program, and to have completed graduate-level coursework that covers career assessment AND career theory prior to beginning the practicum.

Fall Quarter - Practicum students will commit to 10 hours per week of practicum, during which they will receive ongoing training.  By the end of fall quarter they will:

  • Provide drop-in and individual career counseling sessions in the areas of career/major choice, career assessments, internships, job search and graduate school admissions
  • Demonstrate proficiency in web-based career and job search tool, including the Career Services web site, Handshake, and other databases
  • Develop a theoretical foundation for career counseling/programming
  • Demonstrate behavior congruent with NCDA ethical guidelines
  • Demonstrate cross-cultural counseling and programming competency
  • Engage in appropriate career planning and employment activities
  • Participate in weekly individual supervision and practicum seminar

Winter Quarter - Practicum students will commit to 10 hours per week, during which they will:

  • Strengthen skills in the above activities
  • Provide mock interviews
  • Facilitate interpretation and provide guidance for students completing career assessments
  • Provide core workshops and give lectures for writing classes as requested
  • Participate in weekly individual supervision and practicum seminar

Spring Quarter - Practicum students choosing to continue will:

  • Develop mastery of the activities introduced during winter quarter
  • Engage in individualized career counseling activities such as outreach to special populations, presentations at the Santa Barbara Career Symposium or other venues, program development, etc., to be determined by the student in conjunction with her/his supervisor

To Apply For The Practicum:

Recruitment begins in February for the upcoming academic year. To apply, please email your current resume and a cover letter indicating why the practicum is of interest to you to Maddie Foster.  Priority consideration will be given to applications received by 8:00 a.m. on Monday, March 26, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: Academic year 2018-19 training is scheduled for the week of September 17-21, 2018. All applicants should hold this entire week in anticipation of being accepted to the practicum. Training follows a set format and involves a large number of trainees; therefore, alternative training times cannot be negotiated. If you are unable to be present for any of these days, please consider applying for this practicum in a subsequent year.