Dharini Clare

Career Peer


I am a fourth year Environmental Studies and TMP student purusuing graduate school in environmental management and sustainability. I love to play softball, read, run, and Netflix binge in my free time.

Academic year working for Career Services?: 

Fall 2014 to Spring 2016

How did you choose your major? Minor?: 

I want to go into consulting so combining TMP with Environmental Studies gives me a good topic and a useful course schedule to get me there!

Describe the different types of internship or job experiences that you have been involved with?: 

-Customer Success intern at ThinkHR


What is your current career goal?: 

I hope to be an evironmental consultant for businesses in the future.

What one resource would you recommend to students coming to Career Services?: 

Resume critique, assessments, & workshops!

What career advice would you give to UCSB students that you wish you knew about earlier on?: 

Job searching and applying is the hardest part; you'll send out alot of applications and resumes and might not get as many jobs as you expected. Don't get discouraged!

What are your specialty areas?: 

Corporate training programs