Jeremy Ho

Career Peer


I am a third year Financial Mathematics and Statistics major interested in pursuing a career in finance.

How did you choose your major? Minor?: 

I chose my major before I came to UCSB after I had taken an Economics class in High School and really enjoyed it.  I've also enjoyed learning about statistics and mathematics.

Describe the different types of internship or job experiences that you have been involved with?: 

Previously, I have been a camp counselor, swim instructor, lifeguard, and basketball referee.  Last summer I worked as an accounting and finance intern.

Which student organizations are you currently involved with?: 

I am a member of Excursion Club and ROTC.

What one resource would you recommend to students coming to Career Services?: 

One resource I would recommend to students coming to Career Services is the Career Manual because it has some many resources in one book.  The Career Manual has information about resumes, interviews, cover letters, and resources for finding a job.