UCSB Recruitment Tips

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When to Post your Internship

Timing is important! UCSB is on a ten week quarter system. Part time internship listings during the school year should be posted at least a month in advance in Handshake and the academic calendar should be taken into consideration. Many summer internship program deadlines occur as early as February and end before spring break. Consult the UCSB academic calendar to plan your recruitment timeline.

Market your Internship and Network with Students on Campus

Throughout the academic year, Career Services hosts our Career and Internships series. This program brings together panel and networking events with guest speakers from various companies who recruit interns at UCSB in a variety of industries. Contact the Internship Development Coordinator to learn more about Focus on Internships. The Winter Career Fair is also the perfect event to recruit students for your program.

Strengthen your Internship Program

What Students Look for in Internship Postings:

  • A valuable, pre-professional experience - Illustrate learning outcomes that reflect meaningful assignments and projects that relate to the student’s field of study or career interest (i.e. no more than 20% clerical work). Consider including other benefits of the internship, such as if the intern will work on a project that can be used for a professional portfolio
  • Who they will be working with - Let students know that they will have the opportunity to shadow and be mentored by professional staff member(s) and include specific department(s). This will help applicants understand the value and diversity at the company that can contribute to their learning
  • Company goals and work culture - Include a brief overview about the company/staff and any fun facts or perks about the work environment
  • Competitive compensation - Internships that provide hourly compensation attract the most applicants. Most internships with for-profit companies should be paid at least minimum wage, taking into consideration the industry and skill level desired of applicants
  • Hire a lot of Gauchos? Tell them! - Although employers should not guarantee employment upon completion of an internship, it is great to let students know that your company hiring needs are expanding or that you have many Gauchos on staff

Internship Posting Samples

Contact the Internship Development Coordinator for further assistance developing your internship posting description and recruiting UCSB students CareerInternships@sa.ucsb.edu or (805) 893-4412