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UCSB Resources

Graduate & Professional School Fair

Every fall quarter, Career Services coordinates an annual Graduate & Professional School Day. Representatives from a wide variety of graduate programs come to campus to answer questions and provide information on applying to their graduate programs. 

Graduate School Week Workshops

In conjunction with the Graduate & Professional School Fair, Career Services typically provides programming throughout the week.  Take a look at the current line up to see what is provided in the next line-up. 

Career Resource Room

Our Career Resource Room has numerous books on the process of applying to graduate school, on graduate admissions exams, and even a little on financial aid.

Career Resources Handout Hub

Our hub has several handouts on graduate school that may be helpful as you move through the process of planning and applying.

Pre-Law Advising

The College of Letters & Science does pre-law advising for students.

Pre-Health Professions Advising

The College of Letters & Science provides pre-health professions advising for students.  Their website contains detailed and in-depth information about many different fields and how to prepare for programs in them.

Campus Learning Assistance Services

CLAS can provide support in writing your statement of purpose – as well as many other types of writing.

Financial Support

While financial aid for graduate school is not an area of expertise at Career Services, the following information is offered.  Please be certain to correspond with the graduate programs you apply to for more details.

Financial support for graduate school is different than for undergrad.  If you didn’t qualify as an undergrad, don’t despair.  There are merit-based scholarships available for those who have shown high potential through undergraduate GPA. There are three basic categories of money available for a graduate student's education:

  • Grants, fellowships, and scholarships
    This is "free" money provided by government programs, educational institutions, foundations, corporations, and other private sources. (The difference between a grant and a fellowship is that a grant is awarded based on financial need and a fellowship is awarded based on academic merit.)
  • Education-related salaries
    Examples are getting paid for teaching assistant-ships, research assistantships, or administrative assistantships.
  • Loans from governmental, institutional, or private sources
    The majority of funding is administered directly from the graduate department or university. Complete FAFSA, the school's financial support application, and all requirements early in the application process. Deadlines for financial support frequently are a month or so earlier than regular admission deadlines. Outside sources of financial support are also available for graduate study. Private fellowships, grants, and scholarships can be identified through several reference books located in the Scholarship and Fellowship Resource Center in the UCSB Library. There are a limited number of resources in the Graduate School section of the Career Resource Room.

Online Resources for Scholarships & Fellowships

You may have used this site to find grad programs, but also includes information on Graduate Fellowship Programs.

Take a look here for a good listing of local, national, and college-specific scholarships.

America's Career InfoNet Scholarship Search

This website allows you to search more than 5,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans, and other financial aid opportunities.

You'll get some more resources for financing graduate school at

Continuing the Journey- An Introduction to Graduate Education at the University of California

Get an overview of the graduate admissions process, profiles of all 10 UC campuses, and tips for financing graduate education.