Alternative Options

Taking a Year Off!

If you are planning to take a year off before getting a "real" job or starting graduate school, set aside some time to research by categories of interest.  

UC Extension Programs

Every UC campus has an extension program for recent graduates and/or employees seeking to gain additional training and/or certification in specific professional fields. Click on the campus nearest you to explore the many options. Courses are typically taught by those working in the field and require a more hands-on, project-oriented approach to learning. Most courses are offered on weekends and evenings for those working full-time.

International Graduate Programs

How about studying abroad?  Some students find it more cost effective to consider the graduate or professional school education at an overseas, accredited institution. This is especially attractive for those wishing to deepen their international perspective while gaining continued proficiency in a language.

Post-BA Internships & Fellowship Programs

These can be invaluable for gaining experience right out of your bachelor degree program.  To do this you'll need to start early, as the programs are highly competetive and most have deadlines during winter quarter.

Alternative Training Programs

Community College Adult Education Seminars

Check out low cost or free evening or weekend seminars to further your professional development skills in computer software; languages; entrepreneurship; and more.

Alternative Business School Options

This article provides a frank discussion of the pros and cons of getting an MBA, and provides some suggestions for alternate methods of gaining the skills and experience that may boost your career into management - without grad school.

Summer Business Institutes

Overseas  MBA Programs

Provides fellowships in 60 different countries as well as leading graduate programs in social entrepreneurship by region including U.S.