Student Partnership Program

Career Services invites you to partner with us. Our alliance will benefit your student organization by creating special connections with Career Services and employers. Our student partners will have more opportunities to put their leadership skills to work as we help them cross bridges into the workplace.

Interested? It’s easy to apply. For more information, please contact our Student Partnership Coordinator. We will let you know within 2-3 business days if your group is selected.


  • Student Partners will be matched up with employers seeking to serve as guest speakers.
  • Career Services will provide specialty career-related workshops to your group.
  • Your group will get special advance notice of events, workshops, and programming.
  • Partnering with Career Services will expand your groups profile and should positively impact your membership along with your profile with employers.
  • We will link to your group on our website and promote your group to employers seeking new hires and interns.
  • There is NO cost to join!


  • Your student organization must have at least 15 active members.
  • You agree to promote Career Services’ events to their members. This includes encouraging members to sign up on Career Services’ Facebook fan page and to follow us on Twitter (we currently have over 1000 followers).
  • You provide contact information for at least two officers so we can reach you quickly with connections to employers and events.
  • You agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions.
  • You continue to reflect the values of Scholarship, Leadership, and Citizenship.

Sponsorship Opportunity

  • Starting this year, our Student Partners will be the only student organizations eligible to co-sponsor our career fairs. (Co-sponsoring groups will receive a stipend)