Eric Wilder

Eric Wilder
Coordinator & Career Counselor: Communications & Arts



Hello, my fellow Gauchos!  I am thrilled to be back at UCSB as part of the Career Services team, because it means I get to serve YOU on a daily basis.  Yes, it was not long ago that I was a UCSB undergrad myself, cautiously checking out the Career Fair and getting completely lost in the Davidson Library before Late Night at DLG. Whether it was meeting Jack Johnson at Harder Stadium, hiking out to the labyrinth by the lagoon, or enjoying how Storke Tower in the rain slightly resembles Gotham City, I fell in love with UCSB as a student and the story continues!
After working as a cartographic designer for almost 3 years (a job that was related to my Geography major), I realized that my natural skills and interests resided in a very different area: higher education!  As soon as I learned this, I joined Cal Lutheran’s Master of Science program in Counseling and Guidance and got involved in many memorable roles along the way, including a director of a freshman residence hall and a liaison for employer relations within Career Services. Now as a Career Counselor & Coordinator here at UCSB, I focus on helping students pursue careers related to Communications & Arts. 
I tell this story as an important reminder that career development is a lifelong process and it is not usually easy or quick…I recorded nearly every one of my career thoughts, talked to professionals who interested me, and researched dozens of career ideas on a weekly basis for THREE YEARS after college, before things started to align.  I’ve even met people who have a similar journey of exploration to share at age 60.  It may feel like your friends have their lives perfectly planned out, but in reality, our worlds are very challenging to control or predict.
I want to know about you.  What questions brought you here today?  What answers are you seeking?  I’m here to help, and the walls of my office are filled with even MORE questions to ask when exploring career options.  When I was a college student, I had no idea that there were so many valuable ways I could think about my future, other than the age old “What am I going to do with my life?” approach.  
I encourage you to consider the questions you have been thinking about lately, and swing by Career Services to schedule an appointment so we can continue the conversation.  This may not come as a surprise to you by now, but ALL QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME!