Maddie Foster

Coordinator & Career Counselor: Engineering & Technology


In 6th grade, I stood up in front of my entire class and proclaimed to the world that when I grew up I wanted to be the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of The Walt Disney Company. Today, I have an Education Specialist degree and Master of Science degree in Counseling and Human Systems. Not necessarily something that directly relates to being a CFO. I was among the majority of college students that changed their major while an undergrad and had the mid-college crisis of “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE?!?”. It is more common of a crisis than most students realize and Career Services is here to help you answer that question. Come see us and check out what great opportunities are ahead of you.

What are some of your favorite career-related resources to share with students?: 

My 2 favorite websites for research on careers:

You can get lost on them for hours looking at different jobs. Its like Wikipedia for careers!

What do you want to make sure students know about Career Services?: 

We are here. We are friendly. We are ready to help you rock on your career journey!

What piece of advice do you have for undergraduates? Graduates?: 

It is okay to not have the rest of your life figured out. Its also okay to have a plan and feel like you have the rest of your life figured out. Things will change. Be willing to explore different pathways. It is rare for everything to go as planned. When you feel pressure to have a set plan, come see Career Services, we can help you get started or at least calm your stressors about the process. Remember that you are not alone.

What are your specialty areas?: 

Industry areas: Engineering & Technology