Stephen Chih

Career Peer Advisor



(805) 893-4414

Academic year working for Career Services?: 

Orginated from San Diego, I am a third year biology major with a music minor. Favorite thing to do is to enjoy fro-yo with mochi on the top with my cello Boris!

How did you choose your major? Minor?: 

I chose biology because it is so cool, period. Sometimes picking a major can be as easy as following your heart and choosing what you like. Although biology is a challenging subject to master, it tells us what is life and how we live. In fact, many invention ideas orignially came from certain special characterisitcs of some organisms! As for my minor, music has been my best buddy since I was little. I play music all the time, whether I am happy or down. It provides the emotional support and the relaxation that is necessary for me sometimes when things get stressful. With that being said, I would like to learn more about my best friend!

Describe the different types of internship or job experiences that you have been involved with?: 

In addition to being a Career Peer Advisor, I am also a UCSB CLAS (Campus Learning Assistance Services) Tutor. These positions allow me to help people with difficulties from various aspects, including career-related and academic-related. I really find myself enjoying the process because people can potentially feel or do better because of something that I do!

What one resource would you recommend to students coming to Career Services?: 

The one resource I would definitely recommend to students is the awesome counselors! They are really there to guide you and help you throughout your college career so that you accomplish whatever career goal you have. If it's possible, maybe try to schedule appointments regularly and come check in with a counselor to see how you are doing!

What career advice would you give to UCSB students that you wish you knew about earlier on?: 

One piece of advice I find very meaningful is to not do everything at once, this is especially true for people who have more of a busy schedule. Although it is good to be involved in many things so that you can learn a lot, sometimes you don't want to "over-stretch" yourself. Quantity may be important but that does not mean you should sacrifice quality. It is what you learn from the activities that matters instead of just simply "being involved."