Event Policies

Career Fairs


Your organization must be recruiting to fill at least one paid part-time, full-time salaried or paid internship position within your organization. Graduate programs and fee based programs will be considered on a case by case basis. Registration is subject to approval. Please await registration confirmation emails before beginning to process payment. Registrations will be approved on a first come, first serve basis.

Registrant & Representative Communication

It is the responsibility of the Handshake registrant to submit payment and communicate all event information received from Career Services to attending representatives. Changes in registrant contact information must be submitted to CareerEvents@sa.ucsb.edu.  


*Dietary Restrictions: Any dietary restrictions must be emailed to CareerEvents@sa.ucsb.edu TWO WEEKS prior to the event.

Two-Day Career Fairs

If you would like to change the day you registered for, a request in writing must be submitted to CareerEvents@sa.ucsb.edu. This request must be received no later than TWO WEEKS prior to the event date by 5:00pm (PST). Telephone requests will not be accepted. Requests will be subject to approval based on space availability.


Payment obligation is incurred upon registration approval. The full balance due for the event must be received no later than TWO WEEKS prior to the event date by 5:00pm (PST) to secure your space. Failure to submit payment by the payment deadline and/or failure to communicate an alternative payment agreement with the Event Coordinator, may result in Career Services revoking your registration for the event and may affect your recruiting privileges at UCSB.

Payment must be submitted by credit card or check. Wire transfers are not accepted.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellation requests must be made in writing and emailed to CareerEvents@sa.ucsb.edu to be valid and eligible for refund. Cancellations submitted at least TWO WEEKS prior to the event date by 5:00pm (PST) will be refunded the amount paid minus a $50 cancellation fee. Telephone requests will not be accepted. Cancellations made after the deadline will not be refunded.

No Shows

Registered organizations that do not check-in by 11:00am on the day of the event will be considered a No Show. After 11:00am, Career Services reserves the right to reassign the table space. Any registration payments that have been collected will not be refunded and cannot be used as credit towards future events. Any remaining balances will still be billed per the cancellation policy. Registration for future events will not be approved until full payment is received.

Booth Placement

For accurate placement please thoroughly complete the “Looking For” section on your Handshake registration. Indicating information such as Job Types, Positions Available, School Years, and Majors will help us market you to the right candidates before the event.


Space Limitations: Please do not re-arrange your table(s), occupy an adjacent vacant table, or move to another location without Career Services staff approval. In consideration of neighboring booths, your company display needs to fit within the space provided by your table(s). Displays must fit either on or directly behind table(s). Displays cannot block aisles, doors or walkways. Music is not permitted.

Representatives Attending

The total number of representatives attending must be indicated on your Handshake registration for the event. This number will reflect how many people we are prepared to accommodate.


Additional Representatives: If you would like to add additional representatives to your registration please email CareerEvents@sa.ucsb.edu at least TWO WEEKS prior to the event date by 5:00pm (PST). Any requests made after the deadline will not be accepted.

Shipping Materials

Career Services is not responsible for damaged or undelivered parcels. We will make every effort to deliver your materials to your table but cannot be held responsible for issues that may arise in the shipping process. By choosing to ship your supplies and materials, you agree to these terms.

Parking Permits

Please reference the table below to confirm the total number of complimentary parking permits allowed for your organization. Additional parking passes may be purchased at the Permit Kiosks located throughout campus parking lots. This is not an expense we will reimburse. Career Services is not liable for parking citations issued due to a failure to retrieve a parking permit, for parking at an incorrect location or for failure to abide by posted parking rules. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property.


*Additional Representative fee includes a parking permit.


Registration type Complimentary parking permits

Standard Registration

Deluxe Registration 2
Non-Profit Registration 1