Updating Alumni Email Address

  1. Submit a request to the UCSB Career Services office and let us know you'd like to update your email address. Provide your Umail address as well as the one you'd like it changed to.
  2. Career Services will initiate the update process.
  3. You will receive two emails, one to your Umail email address stored in Handshake and one to your new email address that will be updated and used with Handshake. (Note: There may be a slight delay receiving the emails so please be patient)
  4. What is sent to Umail account:
    Handshake Email Change Request
  5. What is sent to the New Email:
    Email Change Request Verification
  6. It is now up to you to verify this email change and determine if you want to update your account.(*) If you choose to do so you can click Change Email and copy the code included in the confirmation. Make sure you remain logged into Handshake under your old email address in order to make this update.
  7. Once you click Finish Email Change the new email will be associated with your account.

(*) You will have 12 hours to click the link from the time you receive the email

Possible errors that may occur during the email change process:

  • Issue: I have received the email but am unable to view the whole email, click on the "Change Email" button, or the page opens to a blank page.
  • Solution: Please try and open the email up in another updated browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes using another email program can help as well.


  • Issue: I clicked on the "Change Email" button and enter my email on the following page but get the message "Hmmm... Looks like there is no account on file for..." comes up.
  • Solution: The new email address does not yet exist in Handshake. You will need to click the "Change Email" button again and enter in the old email address.


  • Issue: I try to sign in after I click the "Change Email" button but I'm unable to use SSO (single sign-on) and can't seem to use the email and password option.
  • Solution: Try to reset your password for the email address. In some cases, only SSO may have been used which is different from signing in with the email address and password. This may be your first time signing in with this method and once the password is reset, you should be able to log in.

If you receive an error that is not listed here, please reach out to Handshake Support and include a screenshot, error message and description of what is occurring.