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Research suggests that internship and study-abroad experiences have a positive effect on the career readiness of first-generation students.
Participate in the 2018 NACE Student Survey, sponsored by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
A collection of thoughts from students, professionals, and educators, on how to make your undergraduate career experience memorable and meaningful.
The best careers, just like the best lives, aren’t linear.
Be respectful to everyone. Don’t be condescending to those without college degrees. Anyone at an organization longer than you, has more experience. Learn from them. Do everything to be helpful. Not in your job description? Do it anyway. If you don’t, there are plenty of candidates for your entry-level job who will continue reading »
What are you going to do this year to improve YOUR career readiness competencies?
What is the proper amount of time an employer should allow you to thoroughly assess—and accept—a job offer? The organization I represent targets two of the most sought after skillsets in the student market today: analytics and computer science talent. With a growing need for these skills, students in these fields have many choices when it comes to continue reading »
UC LEADS is an undergraduate research program aimed at students who are majoring in STEM fields, have a strong commitment to pursuing graduate studies and seeking research experience with esteemed UCSB faulty. Deadline to apply is Feb 26, 2016.
Simply attending a career fair is not enough; make your participation count by preparing purposefully!
Perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of finding a job that you’ll face is writing appropriate job-search letters. The job search may be the first time you’ll have to compose and produce professional-level correspondence.
Advice from the recent Academic Job Search Panel consisting of Deans Michael Furlong (Gevirtz Graduate School of Education), John Majewski (Humanities and Fine Arts) and Melvin Oliver (Social Sciences)
The hiring outlook for college graduates continues to improve as employers plan to hire more graduates from the Class of 2016 for their U.S. operations than they did from the Class of 2015.
Learn how to recreate your resume that goes beyond just editing or shortening your CV.
Natalie Lundsteen offers advice for doctoral students and postdocs looking for nonacademic jobs and considering working with headhunters.
Career goals should not be formed in isolation. You must take into account all of your responsibilities, and be sure to account for your own well-being. This includes physical and mental health.
If you’re like most job seekers, you skip straight to the qualifications to see if you’re qualified, then send in your application, right? If you do this, you’re missing out on clues that can help you craft a stand-out resume.
College Recruiter, announced winners of its 2015 Hidden Gem Index for the best colleges and universities for employers who want to hire high quality graduates now.
Employers are nudging up their initial hiring projections for this year’s college class as they now plan to hire 9.6 percent more new graduates from the Class of 2015 than they did from the Class of 2014.
Reviews of websites and databases that can help the Ph.D. or postdoc doing a job search.
Inside Higher Ed's Melissa Dennihy wants you to be prepared. Here are a few suggestions for job seekers.
How do you know if you’re a good fit for a company or if a company is a good fit for you?
By David C Forman, Chief Learning Officer, The Human Capital Institute and UCSB Alum The pursuit of a job is one of those life activities that we all share.  It is fraught with uncertainty and doubt because control has been ceded to others; and the choice that will be made can have a significant impact on the next years of our personal continue reading »
First-ever UC-wide survey finds strong career satisfaction, high employment rates among UC and UC Santa Barbara Ph.D. alums. - Read more
Kayla Villwock is the Intern Program Manager for SAS. After interviews with several top companies, you accept a job offer from Corporation A to begin a week after graduation. Then, XYZ Startup, a company that just began recruiting new college grads, interviews you and offers you a job to begin a week after graduation. You want to work for continue reading »
Are you "planning" to graduate or "waiting" to graduate? Here are a few tips for SUCCESS!
The full-time job offer rate for graduating seniors who applied for a job has improved for the Class of 2014, according to results of a new survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
LinkedIn recently released a report about smart job seeking based on analysis of over 4,000 "super job seekers",
by Brandon Cornelison, UCSB Career Peer
Study Econ/Accounting? Headed into business? This workshop helped students learn how gaining an internship in this sector is a great step towards landing a financial career.
Is law school for you? This panel covered internship opportunities that will give you insight to law practice. Learn about the profession, whether it is civil, criminal, family, or patent law that interests you.
See yourself teaching science? Meet professional science educators and learn how you can get involved in internship opportunities in K-12 schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies and corporations
Are you a leader? Possess an entrepreneurial spirit? Employers spoke about their management internships and shared tips on how students can gain a competitive edge.
Thinking about teaching? Get first-hand experience in a classroom! Increase your self-knowledge and have real-world experiences to write about when you apply to teacher education, counseling, or social work!
Seeking a future in theater or art? Hear from internship sponsors in the arts about ways to get involved in the industry. Learn about the programs and the people who work with the interns on site.
Interested in a creative job in the world of business or how to gain experience/develop relevant skills? Get advice from experts about internship strategies related to marketing, advertising, or PR.
Interested in non-profits? A panel of professionals from the Santa Barbara area discuss internship opportunities in archaeology, collections, development, and fundraising.
Internships make you more competitive and support your studies. A degree alone will not land the full-time position. Read the write-ups on the workshop series; whet your appetite start on the right track.
We would like to present the Annual Report for Career Services. It provides an overview of our programs, services, accomplishments, and outcomes for the 2012-2013 academic year.
How can your son or daughter get the best return on your investment in their college education—a good job and launch into their first career? Good grades and the right major are important blocks in the foundation of finding a job after graduation. There are, however, other steps students can take to increase their value to potential employers.
When it comes to a job seeker’s skills/qualities, employers are looking for team players who can solve problems, organize their work, and communicate effectively, according to employers who responded to NACE’s Job Outlook 2014 survey. Employers who interview and hire new college graduates were asked to rank a job candidate’s desired skills and continue reading »
As the next Career Fair approaches, it's important to put together a strong CV or resume to show to potential employers.
Learning, confirming, impressing, and positioning. When you take an internship, these should be four of your goals.
by the National Association of Colleges and Employers Principles for Professional Practice Committee 
Where will you be in four years? Will you be ready to join the work force? Here's a timeline to guide your progress.
In a recent "social media presence" roundup of career centers across the country, UCSB's Career Services ranked #6.
The best way to explore a potential career choice is by speaking with and/or following someone who works in that career.
The majority of civilian recruiters are searching resume databases using civilian keywords. Increase your chances of getting a recruiter’s phone call by learning how to “de-militarized” your resume.
Welcome new students! Just going to class and picking up your diploma after four years doesn't cut it. Control your career destiny!
Choosing a career is a process students need to go through—and they go through the stages of this process at different rates of speed. You can assist and support your child in each of these stages. But what can—or should—you do? Here's your own career planning timetable.
31% of employers believe that recent grads are unprepared for their job. When students understand what they need to know and how to acquire the skills for success, they will be more likely to understand the rationale for thinking about careers early.
We are very pleased and excited to have both presidents of CAS and SOA, plus the president of OLA this year. Learn more about the actuary profession Friday, April 20 at Marine Science Research Building, Rm. 1302.
Prepare yourself. You spent a great deal of attention “preparing” for graduation. Now it's time to understand what happens to you after you graduate.
One of our career peers follows some advise he read in our Career Manual on the importance of the "informational interview", and when opportunity knocked he opened the door to some fortuitous results.