Focus on Internships

Focus on Internships

Internships make you more competitive for the job market and support your studies with hands-on experience in an industry. A degree alone will not land full-time positions; you need to acquire experience outside the classroom to be competitive and to explore industries and work environments you may wish to pursue. Internships help you explore what you like and don’t like in different careers. We hope our "Focus on Internships" series whets your appetite and urges you to talk to a professional at Career, to visit our Career Resource Room, and to peruse our many publications and handouts.

Internships In Finance
Study Econ/Accounting? Headed into business? Attend this workshop and learn how gaining an internship in this sector is a great step towards landing a financial career.

Internships With Non-Profits & Museums
Interested in non-profits? Like art or other creative studies? Come hear a panel of professionals from the Santa Barbara area discuss internship opportunities in archaeology, collections, development, and fundraising.

Internships In Management & Leadership
Are you a leader? Possess an entrepreneurial spirit? This workshop is for you! Employers will be speaking about their management internships and sharing tips on how students can gain a competitive edge.

Internships In Marketing, Advertising & PR
Interested in a creative job in the world of business or how to gain experience/develop relevant skills? Get advice from experts about internship strategies related to marketing, advertising, or PR.

Internships For ME, ChE, Physics, & Chem Majors
Physical Science majors: Come hear recruiters from several companies and representatives from UCSB speak about their internship opportunities and share tips on how to gain a competitive edge.

Internship Opportunities for Art & Theater Majors
Anyone seeking a future in theatre or art: Come hear from internship sponsors in the arts about ways to get involved in the idustry.  Learn about the programs and the people who work with the interns on site.  

Internships In Science Education
See yourself teaching science? Come meet professional science educators and learn how you can get involved in internship opportunities in K-12 schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies and corporations.

Experiences In Teaching
Thinking about teaching? Get first-hand experience in a classroom! Increase your self-knowledge and have real-world experiences to write about when you apply to teacher education, counseling, or social work!

Legal Internships
Is law school for you? This panel covers internship opportunities that will give you insight to law practice. Come hear more about the profession whether it is civil, criminal, family or patent law that interests you.