Focus on Internships: Legal Internships

by Natalie Luna, UCSB Career Services Peer

Career Services welcomed Catherine Swysen of Sanger, Swysen and Dunkle and Emily Allen and Elizabeth Diaz for the Legal Aid Foundation

Sanger, Swysen and Dunkle specializes in criminal law and civil litigation cases concerning civil rights or financial crimes. They work mostly in Santa Barbara, but the firm also takes cases across the country and worldwide.

Legal Aid Foundation is a non-profit that assists with landlord-tenant issues, denial of disability, restraining orders for domestic violence victims, and visas for victims of violence. They also have a foreclosure recovery program known as the Shriver Program and the Homeless Legal Project.

Interns working in the domestic violence sector will receive training, interview clients and prepare them for court, write letters, and make phone calls. Interns working on the Homeless Project will receive training to conduct education and outreach supporting those in housing.

Some tips - Be proactive! Contact employers, even if the law firm isn’t hiring interns currently. It doesn’t hurt to ask and send a resume. Prepare for the interview so you can make sure you talk about what you have to offer, and it doesn’t have to be legal experience.  In order to be a good lawyer, you have to be able to do everything. That includes everything from arguing a case to filing.

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