Focus on Internships: Management & Leadership Panel

By Serafin Aguilar, UCSB Career Services Peer

Target: Lauren, Brittany, and Alfonso
Enterprise Holdings: Cathleen Dunne
The Sherwin Williams Company: Marina Acklin

Facts About The Internship

Target: Through the Executive Team Leader Internship position, interns will learn sales, customer service, forecasting, human resources, asset protection, payroll management skills and much more. Interns will have the opportunity to manage 180-260 team members all while engaging and inspiring a teamwork environment. Target is looking for people who have true leadership and management skills. To apply, create a profile on Target’s corporate page and apply for the Executive Team Leader Internship position.

Enterprise Holdings: The Management Internship program is looking strictly to hire students between their junior and senior years, because interns have the opportunity to go into a full time permanent role with the company after your internship is over. Interns must desire a career in management and will work on a project and present it to executives from all over southern California on your last day. The program runs from your last day of school to early August, then you will find out if a full-time position will be offered to you. Enterprise Holdings is looking for students with a minimum of 6-month work experience, hard work ethic, drive, and determination. Apply online with resume and cover letter.

The Sherwin Williams Company: They offer a Store Internship Program, managing a 2 million dollar business. Interns will be able to view profit and loss reports and push sales initiatives as well as be part of a marketing project that they will present to executives at end of internship. It includes a 28-hour a week position that is flexible to class schedules if applicable. Juniors and seniors with strong leadership skills, and a 2.5 GPA are encouraged to apply. Just Google Sherwin Williams Internship for information on how to apply, but have a resume because it is a requirement. The program has a 90% retention rate, so the opportunity to become a manager is high.

Special Tips From Each Employer


  • Eagerness to learn about the whole process in becoming a manager and wanting to be a great leader is essential to show in the interview process.
  • Leadership qualities and being able to sell yourself and describe yourself very well will help you stand out.
  • The ideal employee is willing to do anything in the store, like dealing with angry customers and taking out the trash; leading by example while still being able to work with the whole team is a plus.

Enterprise Holdings:

  • Make a great impression before the application process, like at the career fair.
  • Make sure to have an objective on your resume and look at the internship qualifications and reflect that on your resume.
  • Know why you want the internship and be ready to “wow” them during the interview.
  • Interns that are engaged, asking questions, and coming to work positive and energetic everyday are usually the ones who are successful at Enterprise.

The Sherwin Williams Company:

  • Be prepared review your resume during the interview and to explain each part in detail.
  • Investigate the company; go to the store and ask the employees some questions. Take time out of your day to see what this company has to offer.
  • Interns who ask for feedback and who are willing to work on their flaws, are usually very successful.


Question the panelists usually ask during an interview:

  • “Why are you interested in this specific position?”
  • “Give me an example of when you dealt with an irate customer”
  • “Tell me about a time when you led a group successfully”
  • “Tell me about a time when you made mistake and what happened”
  • “What is something that you are not good at?”

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