Career Resources

We encourage you to engage with Career Services early in your time at UCSB because career is about much more than just finding a job: it’s about learning about yourself and how you might put your unique constellation of talents to work. This section, Career Resources, is the place to start on this journey.

  • Handshake, in addition to its database of jobs and internships, can also inform you about upcoming events with employers.
  • Pick up a free copy of the UCSB Career Manual, available in the Career Resource Room.
  • Use our Career Resource Room, Career Assessments, and Online Career Library to help you figure out the kind of work you will pursue.
  • Our partner reference letter service will store your letters of recommendation for grad school or your reference letters when you are applying for academic jobs.
  • LinkedIn is a crucial tool for anyone who is either currently employed or planning to be employed. Get your profile up and running sooner rather than later!
  • Our Handout Hub and Article Hub are good places to look for information on a variety of topics.
  • The links in Student Diversity are there to help people who are typically under-represented in high paying jobs to gain access to the jobs they seek. 
  • FAQs – you probably get the idea here.

There you have it: a great deal of the information you will need to chart your course into the future. Start early – you’ll be glad you did!