Handshake Information

Handshake is the official site for jobs, internships, and on-campus interviews. In addition, it serves as a gateway to subscription services that are free for UCSB students. Click on the image to the right to log into Handshake via single sign-on.

First time users should read the “First Time Logging In?” item below before beginning.

Advantages to using Handshake include:

  • It is the only place to access listings of work-study jobs for UCSB students;
  • Most of the jobs and internships listed are appropriate for college students; very few listings will require extensive experience;
  • Many of the listings are posted just for viewing by UCSB students, which means less competition for the positions.

Handshake is managed by career counselors and staff at UC Santa Barbara. While Handshake is an exclusive service for our UCSB community, it is part of a larger system used by career offices nationwide. Access is restricted to students with a current UCSB NetID and recent alumni. We also welcome faculty and staff to use the system.

First Time Logging in as a Student?

You will not have access to Handshake until you officially register for classes at UCSB ... AND ... activate your UCSBNetID by setting up your UMAIL account. After you have completed these two tasks, you will be able to log into Handshake.
Do not use Handshake's "Request an Account" feature as we will reject accounts submitted throught this process.
Handshake is a UCSB "single sign on" application that allows you to log on with your UCSBNetID and it’s associated password. The same UCSBNetID/password combination that login that gets you into GOLD, your financial aid status page, your BARC page, etc., gets you into Handshake. If you need any assistance, please contact the Career Resource Room peers by coming to Career Services or calling (805) 893-4414. If you need assistance with your UCSBNetID or forgot your password, please see the UCSB Identity Manager webpage

What is my EMAIL for Handshake?

Your email for Handshake is currently set to UCSBNetID@umail.ucsb.edu, where UCSBNetId is the unique value assigned to you. This is an alias for the new Google email address given to students, UCSBNetID@ucsb.edu. Note that the only difference is the word "umail".

What can you do with Handshake?

  • Find a part-time job: on-campus, work-study or off-campus
  • Obtain an internship
  • Search for a full-time job
  • Create and store resumes, cover letters, transcripts and other professional documents
  • View a calendar of upcoming events at Career Services
  • See which employers are coming to career fairs
  • Schedule on-campus interviews with employers who want to hire you for a career position
  • Find out which employers are hosting information sessions
  • Learn about what workshops are going on at Career Services
  • Interact with employers within Handshake
  • Put your scholarship, leadership, and citizenship skills to work

Find Full- or Part-Time Jobs & Internships

In Handshake, click on the Jobs, Internships, and On-Campus Interviews tab at the top of the page. Specify the position type you are searching for (Part-Time, Full-Time, Internship) by clicking on the dropdown menu. Then click search to see all current postings for that position type. Be careful about adding filters upon filters. Remember to use the "clear" key when you switch gears as you search for job opportunities.

Career Fairs - When and Who's Coming

In Handshake, click on the Search Fairs link under the Events section on the left side of the page. You will see a page listing the Career Fairs and by selecting the one you are interested in, you will see a list of employers that are attending the fair and the positions they are recruiting for.

Employer Information Sessions

In Handshake, click on the Search Events link under the Events section on the left side of the page. Then use the filters to search for Info Session under the Type filter (select View All if you do not see the event type you are looking for). You will see a page listing session dates and times for specific employers.

Sign Up for On-Campus Interviews

In Handshake, click on the On-Campus Interviews link under the Jobs & Interviews section on the left side of the page. For more information on the Handshake interview process read the How do I sign up for an interview? Help Center article.

Advanced Job Search

In Handshake, click on Jobs & Internships at the left of the page. Then click on the appropriate filters to generate a more specific search for a position. Create a saved filter by clicking on "Save these filters" located at the top center of the page, and labeling it appropriately. You can reuse the search by clicking on "My Saved Filters" which will show a list of your previously saved searches. Note that you can specify one as your default search.

Event Calendar and Calendar Integration

In Handshake, click on your name in the top right corner and select User Settings from the drop-down list. Copy the .ics URL under Calendar Export into your calendar program (Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

Create & Store Your Résumé & Other Documents

In Handshake, go to Documents link under the My Profile section. Click the Add New Document button or one of the "upload one?" links, select the appropriate document type, and drag-and-drop the document into the drop area. Remember to label your document appropriately (encourage you to be descriptive ex: John Doe - Nike Resume).

Problems? If you are having any problems with Handshake call (805) 893-4414 or stop by the Career Resource Room in Building 599, Mon - Fri 8:30am-4:30pm.

Disclaimer:  The job/internship postings to Handshake are made by employers without endorsement, direct or implied, by UCSB Career Services or the University. It is the responsibility of any job- or internship-seeker to be aware of the SAFETY TIPS FOR ONLINE JOB SEARCH, and to carefully research the potential employer before applying. Please report any concerns about potential employers or job postings to UCSB Career Services in person at our front desk, by phone at (805) 893-4412 or by email to: careerhelp@sa.ucsb.edu.