Building Your Brand at UCSB

Companies who are most successful in recruiting at UCSB are constantly working to build a consistent presence on campus. Companies want Gauchos to know who they are and that they are "the company of choice." Building this awareness on campus takes effort and creativity on the part of the recruiter and often times recruiters are stretched thin.

Contact our Employer Services Team to assist you with a branding solution.

1. Make sure you are participating in traditional recruiting opportunities such as:

2. Consider creative ideas that will boost your company's visibility:

  • Promote your FT/PT and internship positions in the Hot Jobs section of our website. "Where is this section" you ask? It's on the homepage; the most visited page at Career Services.
  • Advertise in our Career Manual. We publish an annual Career Manual and distribute nearly 5,000 a year to our student body. This manual is repeatedly referenced by our most career minded students.
  • Target a specific population through an Email Blast. Do you want to reach every Junior year Computer Science student on Handshake to tell them about you Information Session and internship? Well, a targeted email blast can help you accomplish this.
  • Reach out to student organizations, email their Presidents and ask to attend one of their weekly meetings to speak about your opportunities. For a list of nearly 500 student organizations visit Office of Student Life's website. Reach out to our student partner program. Career Services partners with nearly 40 orgs a year who are interested in conntecting with the employment community.

3. Join our Corporate Partner Program

  • Let the professionals at Career Services help you build your brand at UCSB. We can sit down with you and discuss a strategy that will fit your specific recruiting needs and then help you with the steps above.