Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

While not unlawful to request an applicant's SSN, due to identity theft and general privacy concerns, employers generally should not request this information on an employment application form as an employment application is often viewed by individuals who do not have a need to know this information. An employment application should request only information directly related to an applicant’s ability to perform a specific job. As a general practice, employers should request SSN information only when absolutely necessary, e.g., in conjunction with a background check, completing a W-4, or when enrolling the employee into benefits plans. This information should be requested separate from the employment application, and safeguards should be in place to protect and keep this information confidential. Employers should also implement procedures for safe disposal of this information once an employment decision has been made. (Society for Human Resource Management)

We recommend viewing the winter or fall salary reports available through the National Association of Colleges and Universities (NACE). Click HERE for other resources to salary information.

The recruiting schedule follows the nine-month academic quarter calendar, with interviews scheduled from mid-October through November, mid-January through February, and mid-April through May. Employers schedule interviews with the Campus Interview staff several weeks to several months in advance.

For basic enrollment facts and information, check the UCSB Budget and Planning's Institutional Research website or the main UCSB campus website.

Hours: When school is in session, our hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. During the lunch hour, our counseling office are closed, but we do have student and staff employees in the Career Resource Room. We can be reached at (805) 893-4412. Refer to our Contact Page more hours of operation information.

Location: Career Services is located in Building 599, between Storke Tower and the Humanities & Social Studies Building. We are a one story, pink and green trim adobe style building. The Career Resource Room is located just past the Career Services front desk. Search for "Counseling & Career Services" (E3) on Campus Map.

For those hoping to use the internship program as a pre-recruitment tool, winter quarter or late February and early March are good months to get the word out to students about your program. For part-time internship programs that go year round, it’s typically a good idea to promote your listing(s) at least a month before the next quarter begins.