Hiring UCSB Students

We are excited about your interest in hiring Gauchos! We have hundreds of students at any given time looking for full-time, part-time, on campus, and internship opportunities. And these students are looking for opportunities locally, nationally and internationally, so don't fear if you're not a local employer, Gauchos are interested in going everywhere!

UCSB has more than 200 majors, degrees, and credentials offered through five schools and the graduate division. Whether you're looking to hire a PhD researcher, a mid-level manager or an entry-level employee, our talented students possess the right skill-set to meet your hiring objectives.

Now you may be asking yourself, "what's the best way to recruit a Gaucho?" well we have some ideas to get you started:

  1. Post your position on Handshake, UCSB's exclusive job & internship posting service. Handshake allows you to specify the candidate's major, degree type and GPA so you can reach a specific population or open your position for all student. This is the first place that students visit when seeking work experience.
  2. Attend one or more of our Recruiting Events. Each quarter we hold various events that attract upwards of 1200 students per event.
  3. Hold an Information Session to inform students about your company and the opportunities you're offering. We can help you market this event so you have a great turnout!
  4. Reserve an On-Campus Interview room and hold your first round interviews at Career Services for those students who you recruited through Handshake, at the Career Fair and Information Session. This option might be especially attractive to you if you're not local.
  5. Join the Corporate Partner Program to elevate your company as a premier sponsor at UCSB!
  6. Need more ideas? Check out additional ways to find talent in our Building Your Brand at UCSB section of our website.

Feel free to contact the Employer Services Team; we can help you with your recruiting needs!

Academic Calendar 2019-2020 from UCSB Office of the Registrar - Keep on top of the University's calendar as you organize your recruiting calendar!

NOTE: Please review our employer policies.