On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

The On-Campus Interview Program offers a recruiting period of six weeks each quarter. This is a FREE opportunity to have one-on-one interviews with UCSB students. You can request an interview room(s) by simply logging in to your Handshake account two months prior to the first day of interviews. Please reference our recruiting calendar for specific dates.

Five Reasons to use the On-Campus Interview Program

  1. One stop recruiting. Career Services is the one-stop shop for undergraduates and Graduate Students from all three of UCSB's colleges. If you seek students from any major or class-level, you only need to go to one place -- Career Services.
  2. We make it easy. As members of the National Association for Employers and Colleges (NACE) we use "industry standard" tools and time-tested practices to make the best connection between you and the candidates. You'll be able to do nearly everything on-line using Handshake. This will allow you to focus on the most important thing, the actual interview here at UCSB.
  3. We have a great facility. You already may know about the beauty of Santa Barbara and the high quality of UCSB, but you'll soon learn that Career Services has a professional and comfortable recruiting facility. You'll get your own office for the day.
  4. Integration. We can help you to group your interviewing visits with our career fairs, events, partnership opportunities, and campus events. We'll help you to connect with others on campus as your relationship with UCSB expands.
  5. Quality. Our team at Career Services includes career counselors, administrators, and student employees. We've been working with many of the candidates you will soon meet for years. They met us when they arrived at new-student-orientation. We've helped them choose and change their majors, secure internships, write cover letters, and consider how they can put their amazing experiences at UCSB into action. We've done what we can to prepare them for the day you shake their hands and ask them your first interview question.

How to Request an On-Campus Interview Program Schedule

  1. Login to your Handshake account.
  2. Click on Interviews across the top menu.
  3. Click on the Request Interview Schedule icon.
  4. Fill out the New Interview Schedule Request form and include all the details regarding your visit. Click Submit when you are done. Your schedule request has been sent to Career Services for approval.

Different OCI Models to select interview candidates

  1. Pre-selection gives you the ability to hand-pick students who meet your screening requirements. (For this option, you must submit at least 4 weeks in advance)
  2. Pre-selection to Alternate starts with pre-selection, after a certain date, opens your schedule to your alternates. (For this option, you must submit at least 4 weeks in advance)
  3. Open allows all qualified students to sign up for available interview slots on a first-come, first-served basis. (For this option, you must submit at least 2 weeks in advance)
  4. Room Reservation.  A space is reserved for you to meet with students in a professional environment. (For this option, schedule is done by employer, you may submit as little as 1 week in advance)

How to Manage Your Interview Schedule

  1. Log on to your Handshake account. On the left-side navigation bar, click on Interviews.
  2. Click on your campus interview request.
  3. The Details tab provides an overview of your interview schedule.
    • In this section you can review applicants, build interview packet, add an applicant and manage your jobs.
  4. The Edit tab allows you to create a new job or attach an existing job.
  5. The Applicants tab allows you to select your students, change their status and add applicants.

Please refer to the Handshake Help Center for FAQs and employer training videos: https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/sections/204202088-Interviews.

Additional Information

You may create a new position, copy an existing position from all of your jobs and modify it, or link a position that is active on another schedule.

  • Linked positions share applicants.
  • Any changes made to linked position information will be reflected across all related schedules.

NOTE: Please review our policies on our On-Campus Interview Program.