Will you need or want academic credit for your internship experience?

Most students are more interested in the experience, but some want the chance to combine what they're learning in the classroom with the experience. Most departments require students to have upper-class standing before they are eligible to receive academic credit for an internship experience. Note that many UCSB departments do not offer academic credit for internships. Review the "Earning Academic Credit" page for more infomation.

How much time can you spend at your internship?

Programs can be part-time for one quarter, full-time for summer, or year round part-time or full-time commitments. Usually the competition for certain government, national or international opportunities is less during the school year versus the summer when the majority of people look. Most students find the longer they stay with one employer the more responsibility and training they will receive.

When Do You Want To Do Your Internship?

Carefully plan the quarter or summer in which you want to begin your first internship experience. Will you have sufficient time to devote to a volunteer or internship experience? How much flexibility will you need to handle your commitments in and outside of class? Freshman and Sophomores usually begin with volunteer, part-time jobs, or on-campus experiences to get the flavor of the type of responsibilities and skills they would like to use in their internship later on.

Where Do You Want To Do Your Internship?

Do you want to stay in Santa Barbara or will you also consider opportunities in Sacramento, San Diego, Washington D.C., New York, Europe or Japan? It may be possible to do several internships in the local area with proper planning. Many students who start locally and build their portfolio of skills and experiences are then able to market themselves for paid summer internships outside the Santa Barbara area.

I know what I want to do once I graduate from college; how do I find out how to get qualified to do that kind of work?

Take advantage of all of the resources shown above: Occupational Outlook Handbook, California Occupational Guides, the College Board's, CHOICES (you need to come by the CRR to get access), and the printed material in our Career Resource Room.

What Type of Experience Are You Seeking?

In other words, what career areas do you want to know more about? Are you thinking about the fields of advertising, accounting, or personnel administration? You may need to use the Career Resource Room at Career Services to research several areas before you determine your preference. What skills do you enjoy using and which do you want to develop further (i.e., writing, public speaking, computer programming)? Finally, is there a particular type of organization that interests you (i.e., banking, retail, health care)?

How does my college major affect my career options?

For most UCSB majors, the answer is “not much”. That’s because UCSB is a research institution, and therefore teaches critical thinking and research skills, but doesn’t really provide job training. The exceptions to this are the Engineering majors and the Economics and Accounting major which prepare students to become (big surprise) engineers and accountants. For everyone else, most UCSB majors can be related to most jobs.


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