Arts & Media

This track may be for you if you are interested in providing the world with beauty through the performing and visual arts as well as contributing to the behind the scenes activities that make these productions happen in all forms of media and mediums. Students in this track would aspire to work in the media, performing arts and Fine Arts sectors of the economy.


Initial questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you artistically creative, talented or gifted?
  • Do you want to use these talents in a career oriented fashion?
  • Are you good at representing people and acting on their behalf?
  • Are you technically oriented and interested in working behind the scenes?
  • Do you have an interest in the preservation and exhibiting of fine arts and historical artifacts?

Career Preparation

  • Sign up for any of these FREE assessments with peer advisor in Career Resource Room (CRR) - Strong Interest Inventory; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strengths Finder; Career Leader; Focus 2.
  • Read library books in Arts, Design & Museum and Communication, Entertainment, Media & Sports sections of CRR.
  • Browse through the Arts, Design & Museum and Communication, Entertainment, Media & Sports binders of online career library.
  • Check out Careers by Major on Career Services’ website.
  • Conduct Informational Interviews.

Academic Preparation

  • Speak with undergraduate academic advisor to ensure you are on track with your major.
  • Attend lectures, symposia, performances and conferences held in your department to gain insight into current trends.
  • Maintain a competitive GPA within your major.
  • Utilize campus resources (e.g., CLAS, professors/TA office hours, study groups or private tutoring).
  • Meet with professors during office hours to discuss your career goals and learn about research opportunities.


Connect with Career

  • Log onto GauchoLink and check out internships/part-time jobs.
  • Attend Get Experience workshop.
  • Review Get Experience in Arts and Entertainment,  Job Search Tips & Guidelines and Accepting Offers handouts.


  • Review the Internship Toolkit on Career Services’ website.
  • Check out and GoinGlobal.
  • Sign up for your academic department’s listserv.
  • Sign up for production and film crews for performance/art shows on campus.

Part-time Employment

  • Seek part-time jobs in the area by checking The Independent Arts & Entertainment section.
  • Attend National Summer Internships in the Arts early in fall quarter (deadlines are early in winter quarter so plan ahead.


  • Set up LinkedIn profile to build connections.
  • Attend Use LinkedIn to Jumpstart Your Career workshop.
  • Join one or more student orgs based on your area(s) of interest (e.g., Art History Association, Gaucho Pep Band, Shrunken Heads Production Company Focus Media Journal, Gaucho Photography, The Film Studio, DJ Club, and POPS Orchestra at UCSB, The Catalyst Literary Magazine).

Volunteer/Community Service

  • Seek volunteer opportunities through SB Events & Festival Guide at:
  • Get involved with local community through various festivals and annual events (e.g., the SB International Film Festival, New Noise Music Festival, MUSIC! The Sounds of Santa Barbara, Summer Solstice Festival, I Madonnari Art Festival and West Beach Music & Arts Festival).

Job Shadowing

  • Job shadow for a day with a professional who is in a position you aspire to. Refer to the Career Manual on how to arrange a job shadow.


  • Volunteer as point person for special events and activities in your department and on campus.
  • Consider Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) offered through Office of Student Life.

GET EXPERIENCE - Graduate/Professional School

Graduate/Professional School

  • Attend annual Graduate & Professional School Day (Nov).
  • Identify professors for letters of recommendation.
  • Maintain competitive GPA in major.


  • Connect with professors to obtain research assistant positions.
  • Sit in on graduate level class in your discipline.
  • Check out Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) for opportunities to work with faculty.
  • Explore lab opportunities.



  • Check out full-time jobs on GauchoLink.
  • Review National Job Links, Job Search Tips & Guidelines and Accepting Offers handouts.
  • Review Job Search section, Job Search Tips & Guidelines and Accepting Offers handouts on Career Services’ website.

Résumé/Cover Letter

  • Attend Résumé/Cover Letter workshop.
  • Develop a portfolio of work samples.
  • Meet with counselor during CRR drop-in hours to review your résumé/cover letter.
  • Attend resume+ and have résumé reviewed by employer.
  • Make appointment with counselor to review your résumé and ask for possible job leads to contact.


  • Attend Interview workshop.
  • Make ½ hour appointment at Career Services for Mock Interview (NOTE: limit one per quarter).

Job Search

  • Connect with recruiters by participating in career events - Quarterly Career Fairs; Employer Info Sessions; Industry Panels; On-Campus Interviews.
  • Attend as Job Search Strategies workshop.


  • Attend LinkedIn workshop.


  • Review information on negotiation in Career Manual.
  • Conduct online search for articles on negotiation strategies for new grads.

MOVE FORWARD - Graduate/Professional School

Graduate/Professional School

  • Review Graduate School Options handout.
  • Research graduate programs at or
  • Research career specific graduate programs in Graduate Programs in Art History and Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts in the CRR.
  • Identify application deadlines, prerequisites and graduate exams for your graduate programs.
  • Develop a portfolio of your work as part of your application.

Career Events

  • Attend Graduate & Professional School Day (Nov).
  • Attend Graduate School workshop during academic year.
  • Attend Writing an SOP workshop through CLAS.
  • Review rough draft of your SOP with faculty.
  • Obtain critique of final draft of SOP by scheduling one hour appointment at Career Services.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Letters of Rec

  • Meet with a counselor during ½ hour appointment to review your CV.
  • Identify and request letters of recommendation from your professors.
  • Prepare packets of information (ex: application deadlines, CV and SOP, writing sample) to give to your recommenders.

Graduate Exams

  • Attend strategy session for the GRE.
  • Investigate study preparation courses for your graduate exam (if applicable).