Internship Scholarship Program

    Internship Scholarship Program 2019   

Career Services recognizes that while internship experience supports career exploration and improves job prospects after graduation, unpaid internships may also lead to financial barriers for students. The Internship Scholarship Program offers awards in recognition of students who have excelled in landing internships, research, and related pre-professional experience that demonstrates career motivation and professional ambition. Eligible students are pursuing unpaid career-related experiences during the summer term within non-profits, government, education, arts, public service, and other industries that traditionally do not pay interns (unpaid internships with for-profit companies will not be considered).

The purpose of the Internship Scholarship Program is to make it easier for students to participate in experiential learning and career exploration, supporting preparation for the job market and helping offset potential financial hardships associated with unpaid internships. As such, award selections are not made solely based on applicants’ previous experience but rather on the following criteria addressed in student application:

  • Potential substantive learning experience and benefits offered through internship
  • How the internship experience supports career interests and future professional growth
  • Financial need and impact of scholarship award
  • Professional quality of resume and clear demonstration of General Eligibility and specific award criteria

Application Closed

Key 2019 Dates:  Program opens on April 1, 2019 and closes April 23th at NOON

Summer 2019 Scholarship Awards

Career Catalyst Awards

  • This is the core award category for students taking advantage of internship experiences that support career interests and future professional growth. Applicants must meet all General Eligibility criteria and preference will be given to those demonstrate financial need and impact of scholarship award.
  • Available: Four $1500 scholarship awards

Debbie Fleming Awards

  • This award category, in honor of former Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Debbie Fleming, supports students taking part in internship experiences in the fields of either public health or Student Affairs.  Applicants must meet all General Eligibility criteria and preference will be given to those demonstrate financial need and impact of scholarship award.
  • Available: Two $1500 scholarship awards

Dream Awards

  • This award category, funded by Undocumented Student Services, is for those who are taking advantage of internship experiences that support career interests and future professional growth.  Applicants must meet all General Eligibility requirements.
  • Have a CA Dream Act Application on file
  • Available: Four $1500 scholarship awards

Please note:

  • Scholarship award recipients will need to attend a MANDATORY internship preparation workshop with the Internship & Experience Manger.  You will be required to attend one of these two workshop, please enter them into your calendar NOW!
    -Monday, May 20th from 12:00-1:00pm
    -Thursday, May 23rd from 4:00-5:00pm
  • Scholarship award recipients are required to complete a short post-internship reflection of their experience that may be used in related publications.
  • Scholarship award recipients may be invited to participate in one to two Career Services events or programs during the academic year in order to share about their summer experiences.
  • If eligible, you may apply to more than one scholarship, but you can only receive one award.

General Eligibility

In order to be considered for awards within the Internship Scholarship Program, UCSB students must:
  • Have secured an unpaid internship for Summer 2018 within non-profits, government, education, arts, public service, or other organization that does not traditionally pay its interns (Please note: While it is strongly encouraged that students have already secured an internship by the time of application, if you are in the process of applying for internships you are still encouraged to apply)
  • Be currently enrolled undergraduate students. Seniors graduating Spring 2019 are not eligible to apply
  • Demonstrate impact of scholarship award, including financial need

Students who identify as belonging to any population that may experience limited access to internship opportunities are highly encouraged to apply.

Applicants are encouraged to get their resumes critiqued during Career Services drop-in hours in the Career Resource Room.

Award Distribution & Recognition

Career Services Internship Scholarship Program manages one-time, non-renewable scholarship awards. If awarded a $1,500 scholarship, please note that the award will be considered part of your financial aid package. The program application opens the first week of spring quarter, and recipients will be notified by email during early May.  Recipients will have the opportunity to be recognized at OSL’s Leadership & Activities Awards Ceremony. Awards are typically distributed at the beginning of the summer term. Please note: If you applied while still in the process of finding a summer opportunity, you will need to have secured an opportunity by no later than June 1, 2018 that can be confirmed via phone call to an internship supervisor.  If no opportunity is secured by this time, then funding will not be provided.
If you have any questions regarding the Internship Scholarship Program, please email

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