Is it better to take some time off before entering a graduate program or go directly to graduate school after completing my bachelor's degree?

Many students prefer to take a break after their bachelor's degree for a number of reasons, e.g., to travel, to earn money for graduate school, to gain work experience, or to take some time to clarify their career and academic goals before committing to a graduate program. Any one of these reasons is valid. Graduate schools accept students right out of undergraduate school as well as people who have not seen the inside of a university for fifteen years. It is more important that the "timing" of graduate school fit your career and personal time clock. However, some graduate schools will not accept students without some previous work experience; this will be clearly stated in their application literature. Some programs will state that the programs "prefer" students who have had work experience. It is a good idea to clarify this statement directly with the graduate school prior to making applying.