Kathy Dunson

Career Employment Specialist/Social Media Coordinator


(805) 893-4412

I've had the pleasure of working with Career Services for over 9 years now.  We're probably one of the most important departments on campus for students to take advantage of while they are attending UCSB because after you complete college, what are you going to do?  Well, that's what Career Services is here for! We can assist you with your plans on which career you'd like to pursue, grad school options, internships, etc. 

A little about myself, I'm a Santa Barbara native and although I didn't attend UCSB, I love being home and able to work in a beautiful city.  I'm an aspiring self-taught artist.  During my free time I'm usually sketching away or painting, but mostly sketching. Most of my time is spent with my family and we're normally out and about enjoying each other's time.