Focus on Internships: Marketing, Advertising, and PR

Marketing, Advertising, and PR Workshop

by Krystina McCarry, UCSB Career Services Peer

Attendants of the internships in Marketing, Advertising, and PR included Annette Shimada for Kickstart Consulting, Mike McElhaey of Epic Ad Group, Corinne Renolds from Think Revive Health, Enrique Ruacho from the Office of Senator Hanna-Beth Jackson, and Anne Ready from Ready for Media. Each panelist discussed what they look for in an intern and how to apply for their open intern positions.

Annette Shimada, describes Kickstart Consulting as a business tech firm consisting of a team of 10 individuals. This is a virtual firm so it is encouraged that the interns be self-motivated, assertive, and contribute by reporting back. One to two interns typically work with the team on data management and writing tasks. It is encouraged that the interns are connected and work with each other outside and report back ideas and suggestions.  If interested in applying, a cover letter and resume free of spelling and grammar mistakes is required to apply on Gaucholink. This company chooses clients that will appreciate the work done and therefore want interns that are passionate about what they do and want to build their career.

Mike McElhaney from Epic Ad Group shared that Epic Ad Group is an innovative company focused on branding and public relations. Interns are able to gain experience and training in areas such as: press releases, content creation, radio scripts, and Adobe Creative Suite projects. Epic is looking for interns willing to go above and beyond what is expected for six months or longer. Interns are expected to stick to their commitments, ask questions, and contribute their opinion. There is a great deal of a creative working process so interns are encouraged to give different angles of approach. Apply through Gaucholink if interested.

Corrine Renolds worked at Revive Health as an intern before being hired on full-time. The company works with other companies in the healthcare industry by means of crisis management and PR. This internship requires a lot more insurance research, calculations, and math than expected. The best interns are adaptable to the fast-paced environment, can think on their feet, and are capable of working quickly on multiple projects at once. The company values those who enjoy what they do, are driven to ask questions, and display themselves well. If interested, apply through Gaucholink or if you have any questions email

Enrique Ruacho works in the office of Senator Hanna-Beth Jackson. Her office represents all of Santa Barbara County and West Ventura. Interns within this office represent these areas and the ideas of Jackson’s party. The main job of those interning is to answer calls, help constituents, and grow connections. The hours are flexible and total to about 15 per week. The best interns are known to think creatively taking issues and turn them into actionable items as well as solving problems in the fast-paced environment. To apply, a cover letter, resume, and short writing sample are to be sent to

Anne Ready came with 3 of her current UCSB student interns representing Ready for Media. This company is a media strategy and coaching firm designed to prepare clients for the media. Interns perform tasks such as managing of client and media relations, assisting in client training, creating proposals, and blogs. They are expected to have lots of face-to-face interaction with clients. Ready for Media expects their interns to grow professionally and personally in order to get the most out of what the internship has to offer. Apply to the internship through Gaucholink.

At the end of the workshop, panelists highlighted the key attributes they look for in interns. These characteristics include passion for work, responsibility, commitment to the internship the full-time it is offered, and willing to ask questions as it shows you are learning and interested.

For more information about these internships or other internships in marketing, PR and advertising feel free to drop by the Career Resource Room at UCSB Career Services.

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