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Helpful websites for families looking to increase their “Career Consumer” quotient:
The mission of is to be the premiere information source for college students, grads and recent graduates who are seeking employment, continuing education and business opportunities.

Adventures in Education
Is your family on track? Your child's future is built on the preparation you do today. Get started now. Learn about college costs and how you can start saving for your child’s future. AIE has information on financial aid and college savings plans to help you get started.

College Parents of America
College Parents of America is the only national membership association dedicated to advocating and to serving on behalf of current and future college parents. America's current and future college parents are more involved than ever in the higher education of their children. But, between work and family, today's parents are also busier than ever! That’s why College Parents of America has created a one-stop shop of information and guidance for parents – from the time they begin preparing for their children to go to college, through the complex admissions process, until their college graduation.

Career Vision- Career Planning Resources for Parents
We all want our children to be successful and happy, but sometimes it takes an objective professional to help move these critical conversations to great decisions. Career Vision uses the results of our comprehensive assessments to guide discussions that will encourage you and your teen to set attainable goals. A student on the right path is happier, more satisfied, confident and more likely to graduate on time. A goal both parents and students can agree on.

NextStep Magazine
The Next Step Magazine has info about financial aid, getting into college and how to help your teen through the planning process. Eliminate your anxieties and get answers to your questions here—and order our totally free Parent Guide on our registration form while you’re at it!

Education World
College and career choices can have long term affects in our lives and need to be well thought out. Here you'll find resources to help students make these important decisions about their future.