Hire a UCSB Student

We want to put a UCSB graduate in your work place. We know that many parents are in a position to influence or to make decisions about hiring college graduates and we could use your help in making that happen. This is an effort to extend the UCSB community beyond the campus and contribute to the success of your organization with our students as they graduate. The goal for many parents in sending their sons and daughters to college is to ensure them a strong future. A good starting job is an important part of that future. At Career Services, we share that vision. From helping students choose a major, to finding them part time jobs and internships that provide the co-curricular experience that most employers prefer, to helping students find employment upon graduation, we work to connect students with the world of work in meaningful and productive ways. We work with some of the best and brightest students in the state, and are proud to present them to employers as candidates for potential employment.

Because you and your student chose UCSB, we know you feel the same way. We all want the same thing: great jobs for students. To help in this endeavor, we left MonsterTRAK.com – an online job listing service – and partnered with the National Association of Colleges and Employers to bring Handshake to campus. Like MonsterTRAK, Handshake offers a wide range of options from a Campus Interview Program to a job listing service for employers seeking to hire interns, part time employees, seasonal employees of full time, permanent staff. Unlike with MonsterTRAK, these services are free. What that means to you is free listing of any job or internship at UCSB!

As I know we share an interest in UCSB students getting jobs, I am writing to encourage you to list any jobs or internships available through your place of employment on Handshake. The process is easy! Just click on the Employer tab and select Post a Job.

That’s it! Your job is now available to the 5,200 students currently registered as Handshake users. Don’t be put off if you live out of town or even out of state – UCSB students seek summer employment all over the world and some are just as broad in their interest in full time employment after graduation. Local, state, national and international listings all have a place on Handshake. Find out more about what our Employer Services team can do for you.

A recent report from the Commerce Department’s Census Bureau revealed that over an adult's working life, college graduates can expect, on average 75% more, nearly an extra million dollars. This tells us the time and money that went into your student’s education is a good investment over time. Students often find that first job after college elusive. You can help them get that leg up by using Handshake to offer your job and internship openings to UCSB students. Then encourage your student to use it to find a job. Let’s make the UCSB connection a strong one and give our students that first chance to put their degree to work!