How to Help Your Student

UCSB Career Services Overview

College is big transition for both families and students. Students are taking the next step in learning how to take care of themselves, and families are figuring out how provide their students with the ever-changing balance of support and independence.

You as family member want your students to make good decisions about their college major, internships, and the whole spectrum of career preparation activities. To help you become better career counselors to your student, we have included the following articles from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. This professional association is comprised of college career centers and major employers who hire large numbers of college students. We have joined together to assist your students in getting good post-graduation jobs. With these articles, we hope to bring you into this liaison and give you some ideas about how you can best work to prepare your student for his or her career.

Still looking for ways to help?
Here's a creative suggestion: convince your company to select UCSB as a top recruiting site. This will allow you to visit the campus every quarter to interview our renowned graduate and undergraduate students. Then, after you finish your hiring activity, extend your stay to enjoy some quality time with your student in one of America's great cities.

Let us help you achieve this. Contact our Ignacio Gallardo, Director at or by phone at (805) 893-4412.