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  1. Frequently Asked Questions for Students

    Frequently Asked Questions for Students ...

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  2. CVs

    CVs The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is primarily used for academic positions, fellowships and grants, as well as many research, government, and related fields.  Depending on the s ...

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  3. Researching Careers

    Researching Careers Choices Our #1 pick! This software program matches careers and graduate schools to your interests, skills and academic areas of interest. Stop by th ...

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  4. Actuarial Science

    Actuarial Science What is an Actuarial Science Major? Actuaries, sometimes called “risk architects,” specialize in the evaluation of risk and are a vital p ...


  5. Communication

    Communication What is a Communication Major? The study of communication focuses on how people construct, use, and interpret messages across multiple channels and ty ...