On-Campus Interview

On-Campus Interview (OCI)

Employers large and small come to Career Services to recruit students during Fall, Winter & Spring. Most seek June graduates. The greatest number of employers interview here in the fall. Interviews begin in October for the academic year. Our office has a solid reputation among employers. We do our best to make sure that the interviewers enjoy their experience and are in the mood to hire UCSB graduates.


NO-SHOW Policy

Signing up for an interview and then failing to show up or cancel 24-hours in advance will suspend your eligibility for campus interviews. If you need to cancel an interview, you must do so at least one working day ahead of the engagement. You may end this suspension by writing a letter of apology or email to the interviewer and providing a copy to the Career Services On-Campus Interview staff. Note that a second "no show" will disqualify you from participation in the On-Campus Interview program.

NOT For "Practice"

Please refrain from using On-Campus Interviews (OCI) for practice! Instead, sign up for a mock interview. Employers spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to send recruiters to UCSB to interview our students. We are ready to help you to practice interviewing without occupying the seats we reserve for students who have authentic interest in the employers using our program. Ask about our books, videos, lists of questions and our "mock" interview service. It hurts UCSB when students use real campus interviews for practice.

About Handshake

Handshake is our online scheduling system. It is available day-and-night, seven-days-a-week. You can see which companies are scheduled to visit campus, view their position listings, submit your resume, sign up for interviews, research the companies and print your interview schedule from any computer with Internet access.


Participants in On-Campus Interviews (OCI) must be currently enrolled for the full-time/permanent employment interviews, graduating no later than August. A few employers interview sophomores and juniors for summer jobs/internships, usually in the accounting or technical fields. For those employers only, juniors and sophomores are eligible to interview.

You are eligible to participate in these interviews if you are:

  • a currently enrolled student
  • graduate student completing requirements for a Master's or Ph.D.

What is the First Step?

Register on Handshake. If you are already a registered user, you'll need to enter an online resume. This will enable you to sign up for open schedules or submit your resume for pre-select schedules. If you need assistance in preparing a resume:

  • Review our Career Resource Manual for examples (copies can be found in the Career Resource Room).
  • Attend a résumé writing workshop.
  • Review our on-line resume writing instructions.
  • Drop by any weekday between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for a critique. Once you have registered and entered an online resume, you may view the list of companies, to see the dates and positions they will be interviewing in the OCI.

Job Listings

Job listings for each company conducting campus interviews will be posted on Handshake in the On-Campus Interviews (OCI) tab. These listings include:

  • Brief company description
  • Description of the job duties
  • Job Requirements
  • Types of materials required by the employer, i.e.: cover letter, résumé, transcripts, etc.
  • Deadlines for submission of materials

Listings change by the hour, so be sure to check the system often. You can expect to be requested to submit additional materials such as a résumé, cover letter, unofficial transcript, etc., by a deadline.

Open & Pre-Select Schedules

Employers will conduct two types of schedules:

  • Pre-Selection. With this option, you upload and send your resume to be reviewed by the employer. They will then select the resumes that best suit the requirements for the job. The employer sends an email to the students selected for interviewing. Students will then sign up in GauchoLink for an interview time slot that is most convenient for them.
  • Open Sign-ups. An open sign-up is open to eligible students who meet the employer's criteria. The applicant will upload and send a resume and will be able to sign up for a specific interview time slot.

The Interview

Dress professionally. This means a suit, tie and jacket for men, and a business suit for women. Go directly to the Career Employment area at Career Services approximately 10-15 minutes before your interview time. (You do not need to check in, but can go straight to the waiting area.)

Have a seat and wait to be called by the recruiter. Remember while you are waiting to remain professional at all times - employers are taking notice.

Please review our OCI Guide to make your interview successful!