Negotiating the Job Offer

Guidelines for Handling Job/Internship Offers

UCSB Career Services supports both employers and students in the hiring process. We assist employers in maximizing their recruiting results and we assist our students in making informed career decisions. We ask that UCSB students abide by the following guidelines.

Negotiation Topics

Before you accept a job you should be fully aware of your salary, benefits, and retirement plan among other things. If some of the terms of agreement are not as you hoped, you might be able to negotiate for what you prefer. Don't be nervous to ask your potential employers about these topics.

Evaluating a Potential Job Offer After an Interview

Many career professionals suggest that after the interview you review what you learned about the position and the company.

Salary Information

Don't know what salary to expect? Use one of the following links to find out how much you might be getting paid.